October 12, 2010

Cornell Appoints Dembosky as New University Registrar

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The University appointed Cassandra Dembosky earlier this week to become the next University Registrar, after serving as interim director for the past year and a half. The University Registrar is responsible for issuing transcripts, certifications of enrollment, and degrees, among other responsibilities.

Dembosky said that as the new registrar, she will seek to improve the way that the Office of the University Registrar functions, making the system “easier to use … and friendlier on the front end.”

She added that she is “looking to improve the way [the Office of the University Registrar] delivers things, and make information exchange easier.”

“There are students all over the world studying through Cornell,” she said. “We are won ering how we can make information exchange easier.”

One option Dembosky says she is currently “investigating” is making the transcript process entirely electronic. Under the current system, students have the option of visiting the registrar’s office, filling out a form and receiving a copy of their transcript in person or ordering a transcript online and having a physical copy of their transcript mailed to the location of their choice.

Dembosky noted that an online system would eliminate the need for students to get a physical copy of their transcript to scan and send electronically on their own —  a process that she said students find annoying.

Some students seem receptive to the possibility.

“If it’s electronic, and you don’t have to scan it in, employers will probably receive a higher-quality copy, and it is better for the environment,” Dan Gusz ’11 said.

In addition to her transcript initiative, Dembosky is considering creating an online version of the course manual, which would be more detailed than the basic course listings that can be currently found online.

Dembosky has previously served in the Office for Alumni Affairs, as well as the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. According to Susan Murphy, vice president for student and academic services, it was Dembosky’s work as interim director of the University registrar’s office that earned her the permanent position.

“Cassie has done an excellent job working with her colleagues in the office and across campus in one of the more challenging times. I am pleased with the excellence with which the staff has accomplished its goals and continues to set a direction for the future,” Murphy said.

Original Author: Joey Anderson