October 15, 2010

Survivor Recap: Jimmy T vs. The World

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Coming back from tribal, Espada has no clear leader. Even though Marty asserted his power to get rid of the Coach Jimmy last week, now he decided to lay low and take the growing target off of his back. Tyrone would be a good leader in my opinion, but, Jimmy T is under the impression that he is a leader and can contribute more to the tribe. No offense to Jimmy T, but he doesn’t possess as much as he THINKS he does. The only thing he is really contributing to Espada is confusion. Back at La Flor, Brenda solved the hidden immunity idol clue. Showing similar behavior as shown in the past, NaOnka picked it up and declared it was hers. Later, Kelly and Alina go to look where NaOnka and Brenda found the Idol. NaOnka followed them and wanted to know what they were looking for. A slight battle ensued resulting in NaOnka trash-talking Kelly B and her artificial leg again, resulting in NaOnka storming off. I really didn’t know how RUDE someone could be, but I guess it’s called Survivor for a reason… At the challenge, La Flor decides to use the Medallion of Power and get a head start in the game. The object of the game was to collect ten items and them bring them back; but the twist is that the people looking for the items are blind-folded and tied to another. Some pairs were especially funny, like Alina and NaOnka… awkward much? Each tribe sent out two teams at the same time, while one other person directed them where to go. Even though Espada practiced for this challenge, they had no coordination; meanwhile La Flor quickly made short work of the items. After all the items were found, the last pair had to go out and locate a set of keys. Once they had the keys, they had to find the treasure chest and unlock a triple lock and return the chest to their starting area. La Flor again made quick work of the chest, especially with the help from Medallion of Power, and won the game. For winning the challenge, La Flor also won a reward. They got to chose 3 items from an assortment of supplies. They selected the tarp, some cooking supplies and a tackle box of fishing gear. In my opinion, all three of those were excellent choices. Upon arrival back at La Flor, Chase, who had been carrying the tackle box discovered the next clue and pocketed it without being noticed. Later, he went walking to find the immunity idol, only to discover that Brenda and NaOnka had already found it. Brenda tells Chase to keep the revelation a secret from the rest of the tribe, otherwise they’ll be targets.Back at Espada, they tribe talks about why they lost the challenge, when it is blatantly clear that in physical challenges, they are just no match for La Flor. It’s not even fair anymore… a merge should shake things up and make the tribes a little fairer. Also, the way that Espada makes decisions at tribal council usually makes little to no sense, simply because the tribe is full of floaters that follow the tide, controlled by a new person every week. Dan should really get voted out… he can barely move… it’s RIDICULOUS. At tribal, it’s clear that the vote will be between Jimmy T and Dan.By a vote of 5-3, Jimmy T was voted out.(Jimmy T, Holly and Jane voted for Dan)On a final note, I’m seeing great potential for Yve and Purple Kelly to go far in this game, simply because they are keeping a low profile and are always in the majority on tribal decisions. Till next week…

Original Author: Michael Verini