October 15, 2010

Survivor Recap: Want Some Chicken?

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As Espada returned from last weeks Tribal Council, discussions about Jimmy T’s eviction were the main topic. Jane and Holly were surprised he was voted out, and honestly I was too! Marty maintains his dominance as tribe leader, definitely a huge boost to his ever-growing ego. Honestly, Jimmy T should have been kept for his strength, and then told to be quiet and just play for the tribe.Next day, there is a surprise waiting. As both tribes stand ready to start the immunity challenge, the tribes get switched!! They drop their colors and must draw colored rocks; after picking rocks, Holly and Brenda will be temporary captains and have to pick players for the new teams.Holly is to pick 4 players from the La Flor tribe and Brenda is to pick 3 people from Espada to make up the new teams. Holly chooses Alina, Benry, Chase and NaOnka to go with Tyrone, Dan and Yve to become the new Espada tribe. Brenda takes Jane, Jill and Marty to go along with Fabio, Kelly B, Kelly Purple and Sash to complete the new La Flor tribe.The medallion of power is also gone from the game as Jeff collects it from the Espada tribe. The challenge is a giant “Plinko”-like game. The tribes will throw balls up a ramp and 2 players from the other team must catch them before they drop off the board. The challenge begins and the balls are bouncing crazily down the “Plinko” side with players jumping around waiting to catch them. Espada takes the early lead as La Flor drops the first ball. La Flor makes a comeback as Espada drops the next two. But, with Marty’s help, Espada wins the challenge and the chickens. Back at camp, Jane tells everyone in La Flor to keep an eye on Marty and Jill because they are as “tight as ticks”! Speaking of Marty, he makes another “smart” move when he announces he has an immunity idol. Even Brenda makes the comment that he’s an arrogant fool… now that’s saying something.Later that night in La Flor, the weather is horrible and NaOnka is crying because she is cold. What happened to her being all “GHETTO” and “HOOD”? Disappointing…On to immunity! This week, three people get spun on a giant wheel and As the people on the wheel get spun around, they get dunked into a tub of water where they must take a mouthful of water. When they get to the top, they must spit it into a funnel, which collects the water. After filling the tube to the top, the ball is released and two members must use the ball to break five plates to win the game.The game starts neck-in-neck, but suddenly Espada makes the SMARTEST decision of the season when they realize they need to go slow, so their players can hit the funnel with more of the water that gets spit out. With that plan, they fill the tube and get the ball first. They break the first plate just as La Flor fills their tube and begin throwing at their plates. Even with that advantage, Espada ends up losing another immunity challenge.Back at camp, Espada is deflated about another loss, but they are also HUNGRY! While the tribe voices that they should eat a chicken, Tyrone is strongly adamant against it [what else is new], but in the end, Espada is eating chicken for dinner. When the chicken is done cooking, everyone begins to tenderly eat a fair portion of chicken, except Tyrone takes the biggest piece of chicken. That’s a bit HYPOCRITICAL wouldn’t you say? Chase strongly voices his opinion that Tyrone should be voted out, but in the game of Survivor, you never know what’s going to happen.At tribal, comments are made that Tyrone was acting too bossy towards the rest of the tribe. It seems that Tyrone’s fate is sealed.By a vote of 6-2, Tyrone is voted out.(Tyrone and Yve voted for NaOnka)

Original Author: Michael Verini