October 21, 2010

Survivor Recap: Double the Eviction… Double the Fun?

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A week after dividing the tribes, Survivor has decided to make things interesting again and have a DOUBLE EVICTION! This double eviction is especially important because the week after next should be the merge.

We all know Marty has an idol and should been evicted when the ex-La Flor members had the chance during the revote when he couldn’t use it. Oh, and it’s also very important to remember that there is another idol in someone’s hands; NaOnka has the other idol in her “ghetto” hands. Brenda knows she has it, but will probably stay hush-hush about it because they were in an alliance before the tribal divide.

This week’s episode was honestly boring, and that is especially shown in this week’s immunity challenge. It was unique though in that the tribes were playing for individual immunity, not tribal immunity, because it is a double eviction. All the tribe members had to do was dig up three rope loops and toss them up and catch them in a basket, which was centered around their behinds. Then, they had to flip it behind them and catch it in the basket, and place them on a pedestal to win.

Some people who notably sucked at this week’s challenge were NaOnka, Purple Kelly and Dan [no surprise there]. The winners were Holly on Espada and Jill on La Flor. They both won individual immunity and competed in a reward challenge. The winner of this reward challenge would win their tribe a feast to eat at Tribal Council. In the ring toss throw off for reward, Jill won the feast for La Flor.

There isn’t really anything notable that happens between the end of the challenge and tribal. Fabio becomes obsessed with Marty’s chess “abilities”… he’s just getting to be annoying with how dimwitted he is. NaOnka does her typical “ghetto” act and the typical drama ensues when it comes down to who will be voted out.

At tribal, La Flor splits their vote and brings about a tie between Marty and Kelly B. Because of the tie, there needs to be a revote in which Marty and Kelly B don’t vote.

Kelly B is evicted with a preliminary vote of 3-3-2, and a tiebraker vote of 5-1

(Kelly B voted for Marty)

That was honestly such a dumb move by the young kids on La Flor because they lost the opportunity to flush out the idol. I don’t know what they [specifically Brenda] were thinking…

After Kelly leaves, La Flor moves over to the bleachers to eat and watch Espada discuss the strategy for their voting. Espada’s tribal basically consists of Yve trying to influence the tribe that Dan is extremely weak and will be a detriment to the tribe. Although this is true, she is seen as being too much of a social threat to keep in the game much longer.

Yve is evicted with a vote of 5-1

(Yve voted for Dan)

Not a really eventful week in my opinion. There will probably be a lot of tension on La Flor due to all of the extra voting / lies that occurred. I still see Purple Kelly as being a potential finalist, although she sucks at challenges.

Marty… your days are numbered…

Original Author: Michael Verini