October 27, 2010

Halloween Overheards

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But Who Will Be Beta?

Guy #1: Dude, that’s what we can do for a business! Steal stuff! And then sell it for a profit!

Guy #2: Yeah and then we can join the mafia.

Guy #1: And we could be assassins!

Guy #2: I’ll be Delta Force and you could be Alpha force. That’d be sweet, man!

-Physics 2207, Rockefeller

I Get Older and They Stay the Same Age

Guy #1: You were talking to a freshman girl?

Guy #2: No, a highschool girl.

Guy #1: Even worse, man, EVEN WORSE!

-Outside DKE

Like, No Way!

Freshman Guy #1: Dude, I totes did like five shots.

Freshman Guy #2: Did you just say “totes?”

Freshman Guy #1: No…

-University Ave.

Oh, THAT House

Guy on phone: Yo dude, I’m by that big tree outside that house. Ya know, the one with all the sluts.

-College Ave.

Packin’ Some Heat In The Clown Car

Girl #1: Lets have a party and invite some carnies.Girl #2: Where do carnies sleep?Girl #1: In the ferris wheel?Guy #2: No thats where they bang out.Girl #1: Then it must be in the Gravitron.

Girl #2: Yeah, definitely the Gravitron.


An Even Trade

Inexperienced Freshman Guy #1: So I hung out with you know who the other day.

Freshman Guy #2: Oh yeah? How did it go?

Freshman Guy #1: Well I bought her a latte so now she should give me her viginity. I mean, that’s a given, right?


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Girl #1: So we were studying and then he started inching towards me.Girl #2: Was he doing the caterpillar ass cheek sneak?-Martha’s The Herp ClubGirl: Is there such a thing as a herp? Not like, a whole bunch of many herpes, but just a single herp.-MVR

Original Author: Rachel Neville