October 28, 2010

It’s Always Sunny Recap: Who Got Dee Pregnant

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What started out as an adventure to go spend the night at the museum eventually turns into a mystery to find out who got Dee pregnant at last year‘s Halloween party. While one would ask: why would the gang care that someone impregnated Dee, the answer is not surprisingly, they don’t in fact care. This all changes, of course,  when Dee alerts them that one of the Gang is the father. Considering everyone had near blacked out, or “browned out” as Mac puts it, they must pool together their memories to find out who knocked up Dee.

Overall, I was really happy with the creative use of normal conventions and the great laughs to be had in this episode. For one, shows are this time have a storyline with just a Halloween theme, but what sets “Who Got Dee Pregnant” apart is that it doesn’t actually take place on Halloween. Instead, the story arc is set up as a murder mystery, in this case pregnant mystery, with flashbacks from the party driving most of the story. Likewise, given that the circumstances involve so many people browning out, this episode gave the writers a chance to bring back minor characters like Artemis and the McPoyles to give their colorful accounts of the events. Even the Waitress makes an appearance, albeit in a different way than expected.

As with episodes of this type, each person’s perspective offers more truths than the one preceding it to help shed light on the mystery. Luckily, each person’s take on the events of the previous year were accompanied with great moments and hysterical lines. In one story, we see Charlie start a fight with the Waitress’s boyfriend only to have Mac come to the rescue and punch him out. In reality, however, Charlie drunkenly mistakes a blonde girl for the Waitress, gets in a fight with the boyfriend, and Mac drunkenly knocks over Charlie and punches the girl in the face. The recurring visual gag of Frank and Artemis having make up sex in a dumpster behind a Wendy’s was a hilarious bit of improv by Danny DeVito. Even funnier was Frank’s appreciation of Artemis’s creative use of balled up hamburger buns in foreplay.Each side story was executed well with each containing the insecurities and personalities associated with the character telling it. With this in mind, the believability of most everyone’s stories did well to juxtapose Mac’s interpretation of events, an interpretation I found to be the funniest of them all. A story told by Mac would not be complete with karate moves followed by a thunderous applause by all of his peers and a game winning smile as he stylishly puts on shades. Not stopping there, as Mac washes his hands of the blood he believes to belong to a douche rather than an innocent girl, the part of a complaining Dee is played by an ostrich. Hilarious.

Given the track record of season six, I was wholly surprised by the great quality of this episode. In a previous recap, I mentioned that I imagined the writers for Always Sunny would come up with a creative way to bypass Kaitlin Olson’s pregnancy. Despite being right in my assumption, I was still surprised by how well it was implemented into the story. The mystery of Dee’s lover is rife with plot twists, surprises, and cringing moments that I come to associate with Always Sunny. In the end, even after the mystery is solved, it’s funny to see how little everyone cares about Dee.

Original Author: Andrew Ebanks