October 29, 2010

Dispatch From the Rally to Restore Sanity: Pre-Rally Buzz

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(10:36 a.m.) — Rally in t-minus two blocks and 90 minutes. Flyer in the hotel lobby advertises the “Rally to Restore Political Satire,” with Stewart/Colbert logo as well as pics of Bill and Hill, McCain, Palin and that candidate for Congress with the creepy “I’m You” ad (more or less creepy when autotuned? Not sure.). Potential meta-rally? At what point of tiredness does thinking about levels of meta become pointless?

Saw guy in a bear suit getting in the hotel elevator. Colbert hates bears. Coincidence?

Musical events expected: The Roots, guy from Wilco. Rumored: Bruce Springsteen. Likely unavailable for contact: Tim McGraw, famed Tea Party rapper.

Friend who will remain unnamed called at 8:30 am, asking “so are we going to make this a Slope Day or what?” Don’t think he was talking about musical acts.

People are wearing darker clothing than at the Beck rally. Potential reasons: it’s Halloween weekend (although not many costumes), it’s colder than in late August, lurking French influence amongst east-coast collegiate liberal elite. We’ll fit right in.

Original Author: Jake Friedman