November 2, 2010

How I Met Your Mother Recap: Canning Randy

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Ted is an awesome teacher. He is knowledgeable, he is informative, he comes to class on Halloween dressed as a hot dog and throws candy to his students (even though Halloween was on Sunday this year). His students love him and his class, Ted tells the gang at the GNB Halloween office party. Everyone is dressed up, Ted as a hot dog, Barney as a ninja, and Lilly and Marshall in their couple costume as matador and bull. Where is Gobbin… Flobbin…(Robin!)? wonders Randy, (Will Forte) dressed as a giant lobster. She had another party to go to but might come later. Randy, as he is using mouth to eat candy because his claws are not opposable, doing his best to be normal, asks if they are going to see the Halloween parade. Of course they are… but not the one in the Village.

Apparently Ted, Barney, and Marshall are big fans of the Walk of Shame Halloween Parade. Who wouldn’t be? As expected they see a French maid, and Pocahontas (with Wounded Knees) trudging home, but a float they don’t expect at the parade is Robin (Cobie Smulders), coming home dressed in her costume as a nurse.

When questioned about her night, Robin won’t say who she slept with. She even goes so far as to make up a fake name to tell Lilly, Bill Pepper, quickly taken from a bill and a pepper shaker sitting on the table. Robin does complain to everyone about how Becky (Laura Bell Bundy) was in a commercial (Boats! Boats! BOATS! Boats! BOOOATS!) and we can tell she is a little jealous. Becky is not serious about her job at all, but she is so well liked. The boys tell her that she doesn’t need to worry about being liked because she is so cute!

The protesters don’t like Ted. And nobody likes GNB. That is why every year they make a feel-good promotional video to gain popularity. GNB likes recycling, old people, high yield off shore investments,  but when it is Marshall’s turn to say that GNB likes making dreams come true, he can’t say it. Saying that would make him feel like a hooker. (We are sure GNB likes them too.) Barney doesn’t understand why Marshall won’t be in the video, even Randy did it and he only threw up thrice in twenty-nine takes! To further prove how much Randy can mess up, when Marshall asks if he sent a file downtown, Randy confidently replies that it is indeed downtown, aka in the shredder. Poor Randy does not know that sending something downtown has never been a metaphor for shredding a file. Obviously Randy needs to be fired, but Marshall refuses. GNB hands out pink slips like hor d’oeuvres and Marshall doesn’t want to be like that, he will not fire people, period. Marshall comes to eat his words as Randy continues to shred things and just be an all around incompetent person. It gets to the point where Marshall has no choice, he fires Randy.

Back teaching his class, Ted has a new student, Zoey (Jennifer Morrison), set to turn all of his students against him. Problems we have with this: a) people just can’t magically sign up for classes at Columbia and b) even if she is just showing up, she is not a real student and Ted could have her escorted out. Well, Zoey does indeed succeed in making his students not like him, they join Zoey in the protest against GNB and refuse to come to class. Even Lilly’s recommendation of flashing the lights and making an annoying car alarm noise to settle them down does not work. Ted finally has to realize that he is their teacher not their friend, and in order to get them back in class he threatens to give everyone Fs if they are not present for the next class period. Ted does say that the next class period had the best attendance ever.

The mystery of who Robin slept with is still alive, obviously not Bill Pepper, Lilly finally guesses that it is Randy. So depressed about Becky’s new commercial she needed a little confidence booster, and Randy has a more than obvious way of showing when he is attracted to someone. Now get your mind out of the gutter, he gets nose bleeds when little Randy gets happy. Robin shamefully admits that Lilly is right, it was Randy. BUT, we discover the mystery of what Robin was really doing Halloween night is anything but over when Randy comes and visits the gang at McLaren’s proclaiming his happiness at getting fired because now he can live out his dream of starting a brewery. When it is mentioned that Randy and Robin slept together Randy denies it, apparently they don’t even do that in his dreams, the farthest they have gotten is hugging.

Lilly confronts Robin about her obvious lie, and she finally has to admit the truth. She was in a commercial like Becky, but not for boats, for bladder control issues and adult diapers. (I’m peeing right now! Ahhhhh).  Poor Robin thinks that the commercial will stop playing quickly but she is so wrong, it plays for seven years.

Marshall is feeling guilty about firing Randy, oblivious to the fact that Randy is happier than ever. He goes to his boss to plead for Randy’s job back and does the unthinkable. He succeeds, and manages to make his boss be nicer to people. When Randy hears the news that he is re-hired he is distraught and does all he can to make Marshall fire him. Marshall refuses, even after every file in his office is shredded (haven’t these people heard of making backup copies?), and many liquids are thrown at him. Marshall stands his ground until it is Randy that gives in, he apologizes for trashing the office, he just wanted to be able to realize his dream of making beer. Finally, Marshall fires Randy; he does care about making dreams come true!!!Best part? Finally everyone in Halloween costumes again (we haven’t seen that since the Slutty Pumpkin. Why was she absent this episode?) and the Walk of Shame Parade. Over all, it was a pretty solid episode. We approve.

Original Author: Emma Carlsson