November 4, 2010

Survivor Recap: The Merge

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Welcome back for another recap of Survivor! Back at La Flor after going to tribal council, Marty mourns the loss of his sidekick, Jill, and the immunity idol that he gave up to Sash. Marty is ready to call it quits, but then, a silver lining exists in the distance… MERGE!!! As indicated by the tree mail consisting of a map to Espada’s campground, it is that special time that every player of Survivor looks forward to. The tribe gasped and shrieked in celebration.

Over at Espada, an equal and proportionately inverse reaction was taking place. Instead of being excited that they made it to the halfway point, they grumbled to themselves about having to deal with some of the La Flor members. Before the other tribe arrived, Alina tried to convince Espada to stick together and take out all of the La Flor tribe first. Probably a vain attempt…

When La Flor arrived, it was a little celebration when duos like Brenda and NaOnka and Marty and Dan reunited and life was good. Lots of food and fun for everyone! And a new tribe name needed to be created, so of course, Marty announces that, “The new name of the tribe is Libertad. It means freedom.” As I sit at the computer screen laughing at his need to be in control of everything, the rest of the tribe agrees with his idea and BAM. Libertad is born.

As the tribe begins to feast, NaOnka surprises no one when she decided to shove nuts in her bra, along with other various food products in other body parts. Never let this girl into your home if you value your possessions. Oh and in the midst of this, a surprising duo of Jane and Chase forms in that they are both North Carolina rednecks. They bond over shooting and southern accents, along with other stuff like that. Nice. I could seem them being a powerful duo together, if Brenda doesn’t find out…

The next morning, NaOnka actually decides to do something for once and make tortillas for the tribe. Before I actually think that she might do something nice not for herself, she starts screaming at Jud for taking too big of a bite of a tortilla. And also, she is pissed that she is the last person to eat. I guess I can understand a little bit where she is coming from, but she overreacts…. as usual. So to get back of the tribe, NaOnka steals some of the flour, fruit and other things from the tribe’s food chest and hides them in the forest so only she can eat them. Later on, NaOnka tells Alina about it and offers her some of the food. At this moment, I got a vision of NaOnka being like the Wicked Witch in Snow White offering innocent looking Snow White [played by Alina] a poisoned orange. While it made me laugh, I know that it is not good for Alina because NaOnka will probably try to blame the stolen goods on Alina now.

Back at Libertad, the tribe is just now discovering that some things are missing. Holly is the only person who saw NaOnka take the food, and after some persuasion, she calls out NaOnka for putting the flour in her bag. NaOnka just denied everything, and in the end she was surrounded by a group of friends offering her support, while everyone knows she took the food, I mean… she did call herself “ghetto and hood” before.

OK. Onto the first individual immunity challenge! It’s an endurance challenge and one male and one female will win individual immunity. The tribemates have to keep tension on two metal handles holding a pole in place. If the tension lapses, the pole will drop and break a tile. Last male and female standing without breaking their tile wins. After about 3 seconds [literally], Purple Kelly and Dan are out. Literally, two of the weakest Survivor players ever, but I still have hope for Purple Kelly! In the end, it’s a battle between Jane and Holly for the women, leading to Jane winning and competing against the guys. Jud shows his strength [which I never knew existed] and wins for the men.

Back at Libertad, Jane and all the girls hug and declare how they want Marty out now. Rumors are spreading across camp and it’s widely known that it’s between Marty and Alina this week. But when Sash told Jane that they couldn’t get out Marty this week because he promised Marty that he wouldn’t vote him out this week. I kinda respect Sash’s honesty. Kudos. But, Jane was pissed nonetheless. We’ll see what happens… at….

TRIBAL! Not that much goes on in this tribal, except for Marty’s attack on Jane. He basically calls her a Southern hick, but says she deserves to win the game and he would vote for her in the Final Three. So he tries to convince everyone to get her out. Okay, and Libertad goes to vote their first member off!


Original Author: Michael Verini