November 10, 2010

11/11 Overheards

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Can’t Live Without It

Professor: The standard entropy of liquid water is 69.9.

Guy #1:Yeah 69!

Guy #2: I guess that’s why I like water so much.

—Baker Lab

It’s A Slut World After All

Guy #1: It was like a Disney-whore convention. There were slutty Snow Whites, Alice in Wonderland, Minni Mouse, Belle, everything!

Guy #2: It sounds like it was like a magical land for adults.

Guy #1: Oh, it was beyond magical. My dreams definitely came true. Thank you, Walt.

—College Ave

Snickers and Jim Bean

Guy #1: I wish that college kids could go trick or treating and instead of candy, people would give out liquor.

Guy #2: Or they would give out liquor AND candy.

Guy #1: That would be a dream come true.


Original Author: Rachel Neville