November 10, 2010

Hell’s Kitchen Recap: Deja Vu

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Hell’s Kitchen is back! And thanks to baseball, I actually needed to go back and read my recap to remember what happened. I then remembered how much all the chefs suck and we were left on a cliffhanger! What happened to Trev? He was forced to take his jacket off…and get back in line with the men.  And instead of being grateful, he was a complete asshole about it, claiming that the red team didn’t have his back. Strange dude.

Challenge:  Since their prize is actually in a hotel, Chef Ramsey decided that it was time for them to get a taste of hotel food. However, what the chefs didn’t know was that most of the items weren’t from a hotel! Don’t forget-IT’S THE SEASON OF SUPRISES! The chicken salad was from: a gastation. The spaghetti marina: a foodtruck. And the egg rolls: Chinese delivery (I don’t get why this one was so offensive-I personally think the cheaper places make better egg rolls then the classier places that end up sticking weird stuff in there). But the chicken wings are from Chef’s Ramsey himself.  Apparently only Rob liked Chef Ramsey’s cooking and Chef’s Ramsey’s voice went up 3 octaves in glee. Nona didn’t like the wings at all. All of this lead to…

The blind taste test.   Both teams got the first one right and I felt helpful. Boy was I wrong. Rob couldn’t even tell the difference between cheddar cheese and American cheese, beef and chicken. Baby Spice didn’t do much better.  But at least Baby Spice self-recognized during the challenge:“Oh man, I feel like such a dumb ass!”  Amen.

Winner: Nona won it for the women, because she’s apparently Rob’s kryptonite (his words, not mine). The women were treated to lunch at Restaurant XVI and $2000 to go shopping. Baby Spice bought a pair of sparkly, gold pants and decided that the store made everything for her. Chef Ramsey then realized at lunch that there are only 4 of them left and he was desperate to find one chef. Just one.

Punishment: The men were going through the trash to recycle. Well. If they recycled before …oh wait, it’s not their trash. Hell’s Kitchen actually brought in a garbage truck full of trash. Nice. Trash jokes ensued. Rob: “I feel like the trash being pushed out of the truck.” Then Trev “worked out his issues” by stomping on the trash in the can.

Service: After chef revealing that the blue team has never had such a “dry run” (get it? Men who have dry runs? Oh Chef Ramsey, you slay me!), dinner service started. Rob wasn’t cooking the scallops…need I say it? Okay, fine: IT’S RAAAAW!” He then cooked the halibut and it was RAAAW. Chef Ramsey threatened to run the station himself. One funny observation made from Rob: Russell only talks when Chef Ramsey is in the blue kitchen. Once he leaves-it’s crickets. Then Russell was kicked out on “his first mistake.”  Vinny was later kicked out and pretended he was extremely Italian by using his fake accent when he’s trying to gain sympathy.  Rob cooked the halibut RAAAAAW again, so out he went. So that left…Trev. Trev was the sole survivor of the blue kitchen. Chef Ramsey looked like he had accidentally swallowed some of the RAAAAW halibut. But he actually finished. It was…shocking.

And Sabrina was actually LEADING THE KITCHEN. It was like toppy-tervy day at Hell’s. Maybe those sparkley gold pants brought her some luck of the Irish? Then Nona yelled back to Chef Ramsey after he started to shrill at her about the meat station. So he kicked her out.  And then they finished service.

All in all, half the chefs were kicked out of the kitchen. The blue team was declared the losing team. Trev was declared the Best of the Worst. But before they went up to the dorms, Nona and Chef Ramsey ended their lover’s spat and all was well.

Up for elimination

Rob (He was the monkey-wrench in the kitchen) & Russell (He was supposed to be driving the team tonight and it wasn’t motivating and it let Trev down, personally).

And after the bickering simmered down, Rob was eliminated. Chef then tried to terrify the men by saying the final four could be all women. The shocker! And in a metaphorical moment, Chef stated “If a man’s pants size were the indicator of a great chef, then Rob would be a great chef. Instead, he’s a man who wears big pants. Deep.

So now we’re down to 7 chefs. Russell is gunning for Trev, shown by going home and going straight for the Bowflex machine and lifting weights to show his prowess. And Vinny is in a corner, continuing his Jersey Shore audition.


Communication and timing, something every relationship needs and something none of the chefs actually do. So the teams are doing a tag-team style challenge. Each team has to cook 3 meals, all with different timings. When they switch, the team members must communicate what has been already done. Trev screwed up the blue team by forgetting to tell Vinny that a lobster needs to be cooked.  This leads to a horrible domino effect until Vinny realizes on his second, and last, time up. And on the red side, Jillian burned her hand, thus dropping the salmon in the last 5 seconds. Everyone was feeling…burned.

Winners: The men’s team. Finally. It’s a repeat of last episode, prize wise, since the men are going shopping and eating lunch. Vinny and the sound effect crew were funny by inserting a monkey screech when Vinny pretended to brush “the monkey off his back.” Trev then ran down the hall screaming “I love buying stuff!” It wasn’t much of a prize, since James (ugh) was there. There was no good footage because producers only showed 20 seconds of shopping footage. Vinny told Chef Ramsey during lunch that he was looking at the final three and Chef Ramsey shot him down! Spoiler alert?

Punishment: It’s delivery day. Chef Ramsey basically left Jillian to fight for her life by saying that if the salmon was in the dish, they would have won. And Baby Spice promised to never cook again if Trev won (promise? I’m joking-we’re kind of cool now).

New Menu: Chef Ramsey has given the teams the entire menu to play with. Vinny and Trev were refusing to let Russell have any input and were going for “easy to make” dishes. Sabrina also wasn’t happy with the creativity of the menu. I can’t say I actually blame her, because she did master Chef Ramsey’s menu. Maybe she will pull it off in the end…

But back to drama! Trev and Vinny were in the hot tub talking smack about Russell, who conviently woke up right when they started talking about him. So Russell decided to confront them after LOOKING AT HIS BICEPS IN ANGER! It was creepy, but hysterical at the same time. It looked like the backstage of a Jerry Springer show. …But then he just walked away. But Russell got his revenge in the end because those guys were hungover (They should have read Master of Mixology this week for hangover cures.)

Dinner Service: With approval from Chef Ramsey, the doors of Hell’s Kitchen opened. I personally liked the red team’s menu more, and apparently all of the customers liked the red team’s as well. The only one who ordered from the blue team was the owner of the restaurant they dined at yesterday, but he was kind of forced to by the producers so it doesn’t count. Eventually, both teams even up and entrees begin to go out. Vinny forgot the lamb for the most important table…the restaurant owner. Chef Ramsey was turning pinker then the undercooked lamb. While Chef Ramsey yelled, the owner egged him on by screaming “Get ‘em Chef!” I was half-expecting The Food Network Channel to come in with a truck load of chefs to continue to yell at Vinny. Eventually, the owner gets his lamb and he was greatly disappointed. Chef Ramsey then moves onto the red kitchen, only to find raw lobster. Again. And again. And again. And another 3 times.


Eventually, Baby Spice saved the day again. Somehow…The bigger problem is Vinny on the blue team. He switched to the fish station and his salmon was (everyone now) RAAAAW. And Gail’s food continued to be RAAAAW. Finally, Chef Ramsey finally kicked her out. And service ended on a very poor, low, out of tune note. Chef Ramsey was not happy. So unhappy, that he’s asked each Chef’s to cross team lines and nominate anyone, any team. Vinny is still living in the past and decided to put Baby Spice up. The women were also living the past and tried to put Trev up in revenge. The girls were defending the girls and the boys were defending the boys.

Up For Elimination (all nominations)

Vinny, Sabrina, Sabrina, Trev, Trevor, Trev, Trev. All of the women voted for Trev, to which he responded “never been a lady’s man.” (ha ha ha).

Trev …was not eliminated. But instead, given a black jacket! As did Jillian, Nona, Russell, Baby Spice and Gail.

Vinny was eliminated.  And now we’re left with the final 6.

Original Author: Allie Miller