November 11, 2010

30 Rock Recap: Your Mother Exploded

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Finally, some character growth.  Although it’s entertaining to watch Tracy and Jenna’s extreme narcissism and sheer outrageousness play out each week, it was refreshing to see them develop into less self-absorbed characters.

Back at 30 Rock, Jack finds the perfect solution for his difficulties in getting approval for the Kabletown deal.  He chooses to support Steve Austin (played by Mad Men’s John Slattery), the Independent candidate running against Queen Latifah’s Regina Bookman, who is holding up the merger due to NBC’s failure to increase diversity (It’s not that Jack hasn’t tried: America’s Next Top Black Guy was a disappointing failure).

Meanwhile, Liz finds the perfect pair of pants from a trendy Brooklyn store, “Brooklyn Without Limits,” (BWL) and it is clear that she has a butt lower-half double.  When Jack informs her that BWL pants are owned by Halliburton, it is only through Tracy and Jenna’s acts of humanity that force her to make her own compromises.  This action then inspires Jack, as he reluctantly decides that he must unleash the unedited version of Steve Austin’s completely backwards politician to the public (“As if that weren’t enough, Austin was mocked in Jay Leno’s monologue tonight…”)


Original Author: Scott Eidler