November 11, 2010

Survivor Recap: I’m a Humanitarian… Well, I’m a Human

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Oh hey Survivor buffs! Definitely an action packed episode… read on!!

The war of words between former tribemates Marty and Jane intensified when they returned from tribal.  Jane doesn’t hold back any words when talking about Marty. While talking to some of the other girls on Libertad, she said, “I think he’s grasping at straws because he knows his days are numbered,” and “He knows there’s a noose around his neck, and he’s just waiting for the hatchetman to cut that rope. A little later, Jane says she would like to take Marty “to the wood shed and whoop his ass.” I personally, would LOVE to see that happen.

Onto this week’s Reward Challenge. With 11 castaways remaining in the game, the tribe was split up into two teams of five for this challenge. Now, you must be thinking what happened to the remaining member? Well, Chase got to sit on the side as the men battled the women in the immunity challenge. It is pretty ironic that the “random” draw turned out to be the men vs. the women in a 100% physical challenge. But, Chase did get to choose a team to support and if he were right, then he would join the team on the reward. Instead of thinking with his brain, he chooses the girls’ team because his lover Brenda is on it. Oh by the way… the reward on the line is an afternoon with a barbeque and ziplining. Ok. SURVIVORS GO!

The contestants had to run through a series of obstacles including hay stacks, bamboo sticks and brick walls to retrieve three keys, then open three locks to raise the winning flag. Although the challenge started off very close, the women lost a lot of their steam and could barely break down the obstacles. It was pretty unfair in my opinion, since the men must have outweighed the women by quite a few pounds, but that’s irrelevant at this point. The guys won, so the girls and Chase were all sent back to camp empty handed.

At the guys’ big barbecue reward, Marty offers a plan to pretend to vote out NaOnka, just to get rid of the Idol, but actually vote out Jane. The guys seem to like the idea, and it makes sense to me because Jane is a pretty big social threat.

Back at camp, NaOnka and Brenda are actually ready to kill Chase because he is acting so paranoid at all times, and I don’t blame them. He’s actually really annoying. Even Brenda, who seemed to be super-tight with Chase a couple weeks earlier, appears to be getting sick of Chase’s constant questions. Brenda may be playing Chase, but I’m not sure… but I AM sure that she is one of the most powerful female players on Survivor in a long time, probably since Parvati.

At the immunity challenge, Survivor decided to do something a little different a do a simple memory test. Basically Jeff says an order of symbols and everyone must repeat what symbols he shows them. Not surprisingly, people like NaOnka, Purple Kelly and Dan are quickly eliminated, leaving it down to Brenda vs. Marty in a BIG SHOWDOWN FOR IMMUNITY. When they reveal different symbols, Brenda breaks out into a huge smiling, knowing that she has just won. She is right, BRENDA WINS IMMUNITY!!

Back at Libertad, it’s very confusing in that no one knows whom anyone else is voting for. Some people, like Fabio and Benry, are going to stick with Marty’s plan for Jane, while others, like Holly and Jane, are definitely going to vote for Marty. In the middle stands Sash and Brenda, arguably the two strongest players this season. This vote will determine where their loyalties truly lie.

At Tribal Council, Jeff stirs up trouble as usually when he brings up NaOnka stealing the tribe’s food again, leading to a Marty and Fabio battle versus NaOnka. Of course, NaOnka goes insane and curses out the guys, leaving Jeff speechless. On that note, the tribemates go to vote, while NaOnka flips off Marty every step of the way.


Original Author: Michael Verini