November 12, 2010

The Office Recap: The Christening

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This week’s episode begins with a very important message that is applicable especially to college students who live in a world for of germs. Pam educates the office staff on the amount of bacteria that are present in the office. She let’s them know that they keyboards that they type on all day have more germs per square inch than a toilet seat. Of course this prompts the ever sassy Kelly to say “ I heard your Mama has more bacteria per square inch than a toilet seat”. Michael immediately jumps in and tries to make some connection as he mentions. “ That’s true, very true, I dated her mama and you know what…. Thank god Jim cuts him off because who knows what was coming out of Michael.  On the topic of germs, Dwight jumps in and is angry that hand sanitizing stations are going to be set up around the office. He doesn’t believe in coddling the immune system but rather that the body should fight germs the natural way. The next couple of scenes shift to Jim, Erin and Andy among many other colleagues to sneeze on Dwight and his food.  Poor Dwight and his desanitizing ideas. I guess his idea of exposing himself to germs to strengthen the immune system was truly being tested.

The episode then moves on to the main topic, “Cici’s christening”. What is supposed to be a small and intimate ceremony turns into something rather public since Michael decides to invite the entire office to the this very special moment for Jim, Pam and Cici. Of course Michael again thinks this day is for him although he tries to deny it. He tries to explain how this day is “not about a baby, Pam, Jim or me, it’s for all. It’s for my I mine our happiness”. Basically it’s a chance for Michael to actually have something to do over the weekend and be with the people he loves the most. The rest of the office staff is busy in the festivities as well. Andy looks at the baby and this prompts him to say how important it is for the nard dawg to have hard pups. He wants children and he wants them with Erin as he gives her longing looks the entire episode. Dwight doesn’t waste anytime in trying to mix business with Sunday prayer. He is off giving coupons and business cards. That Dwight, he never does give up in letting everyone know how devoted he is to work.

One character that hasn’t had much of an appearance this season comes back with a rather highlarious situation that a lot of people can actually relate to. Toby comes in and can’t step into the Church. He feels that the “Big Guy and [him] have a lot of catching up to do”.  I think he might be right, although Michael is not far behind in having a lot of catching up to do. He goes to sit with Jim and Pam in a section specifically reserved for family members. Still believing that he is the godfather of Pam and Jim’s child, Michael grapples with the idea that he is not. When he finally realizes that someone else has his postion he proceeds to say, “ Cici is turning out to be a B-I-T-C-H. Her parents are kinda boxing me out”. When was he ever boxed in? Poor Michael, when will you learn that your not exactly the person people want as their godfather for their children.

While Toby is struggling to enter the church, Dwight is having no trouble using every chance to shamelessly talk about Sabre printers. He get’s up and talks about a topic we can all relate to. Dwight believes, that this has been a  “ horrible year for the middle class “ which has been disappearing along with the “soul of America”. He then goes off to talk about discounts on printers, which will somehow help the soulless and poverty stricken general public. If I were sitting at the services and Dwight was talking, I would join Creed and Daryl and just sleep.

Meanwhile back to the proud parents of Cici, Jim and Pam seem to be doing well and anticipating a big moment for their daughter. Everything is going perfectly until Jim has to go change Cici’s diaper. When he does, Cici get’s poop. A worried Jim scrounges around in the car for an extra shirt but comes back with a blue worn out t-shirt. Keeping it classy. In any case after the ceremony continues on, it is announced that the Jim and Pam are holding an event for EVERYONE. Big mistake since the Halperts had only planned for a small intimate event closed for everyone that wasn’t an invited guest.

As everyone is gathering and going off to the reception, Michael starts to feel the love that is going around the church. He takes advantage and jumps at the opportunity to make friends and belong to something. He along with many guests go to a reception where there is clearly not enough food.  Angela goes to the reception and as usual hates Jim and Pam but is super nice to Cici. So nice in fact, that it’s almost uncomfortable and rather unnatural coming from Angela. As Jim and Pam complain about being hungry and not having enough food for everyone Angela let’s them know “ Jesus is not their personal caterer.”

Pam and Jim’s concerns about the food shortage are displayed in a number of starving guests. Stanley realizes that this was not the meal he was promised and because of it he will have low energy for the rest of the day.  Michael the suddenly explodes and is mad at everyone who cannot appreciate how good everything is. He feels that this is a chance for the entire office to actually do something together.

Michael says, “ We need to do things outside of work. Let’s go help Africa. Let’s build an airport. We’ll start small.”

Michael just wants to do something since at the moment he is motivated to do something to help society.  When Michael vocalizes his newfound love for helping others, Stanley mentions how “ We should feed the hungry, we should feed ourselves”.  Michael really get’s pissed and so decides to do something rational (in his mind) . Michael gets on a bus to Mexico. Even with everyone trying to get Michael off the bus, Michael knows what he wants to do and does what he thinks is best. Now this is the perfect time to do a little analysis on Michael’s psyche (psych 1101 your doing me good). Michael has always felt the need to feel loved and be a part of something where he is accepted. This group of young individuals who are motivated to help people in Mexico seem like the perfect fit for him. He along with Andy Bernard, act on impulse ( look at that id controlling them) and get on a bus that will leave them in Mexico for three months.

Soon enough Andy and Michael realize that getting on the bus may not have been the best idea. For Michael, this means missing celebrating his half birthday, Cinco de Mayo and Christmas.  Meanwhile back at the Church, Pam goes off to get more food while Jim leaves Cici with Mima who promptly loses her. Jim suddenly get’s the idea that maybe Angela might have been the one that stole her. In fact little Angela wasn’t stealing baby. She was only stealing scones. Personally I would have gone for the cider too, if your going to be clepto, go all out.  Regardless, Cici is returned and there is enough food for everyone.

Michael, Andy and their new “friend” get picked up by Erin, who reveals that the entire staff has gone to the movies together, making Michael’s dreams come true.

Twas a happy ending.

The Office did a good job this week in really exploring the depths of all the characters. Much of the episode focused on Michael, who constantly feels like he needs to belong to something, but it also focused on Jim and Pam ,who are always put into compromising situations. The part that I really loved was Toby’s one liners, as he was upset with his relationship with god.  This time all the characters were really relatable in a very realistic way. Like Michael, all of us feel the need to belong. Like Jim and Pam, all of us have to adjust. Like Toby, we question our relationship with God. Like Andy, we try to impress someone we like and like Dwight we have the tendency to mix our personal lives with business. So The Office covered everything well!

Best Quotes: On his battle against sharing germs, Dwight: “I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do this, maybe they have something against living forever”.

Ryan trying to get on the computer at Church: Ryan: “For all their generosity and spirit they password protect their wireless”.Kelly: “Try Jesus”Dwight: “Opus Dei”

Ryan: “Teach for America girls are way hotter.”

Dwight: “11th commandments is I will not be undersold”

Michael on what to say about his disappearance”Erin: “What do I tell them?”Michael: Tell them I died and became an angel”Erin: “What if it’s a bigger corporate?”Michael:”Tell them I’m in a meeting”

Toby to God: “Why you always gotta be so mean to me”

Original Author: Aishini Thiyagarajan