December 1, 2010

Hell’s Kitchen Recap: The Tale of The Privileged and The Underdogs

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For those of you that are keeping track, yes, I did skip a week of Hell’s Kitchen, but since I was assisting in Thanksgiving dinner, I felt like I was going through my own H.K. (my Nana does a mean “It’s RAAAAW). Basically, Chef Ramsey walked out of dinner service, he came back, it still sucked, and Gail was cut.

And now, for the continuation of Hell.

Trev was amazed that he was in the final four. Russell decided that he was the only competition against himself, since everyone else sucks.  And Jillian still rooms with the giant blue monkey she won many episodes ago.

Challenge (Prologue to the tale):  Chef Ramsey was sneaky sneaky. He Had the chefs create dishes as a fake challenge (they teamed up and he then identified the ingredients used) while he was actually off making a dish that they would have to replicate solely on taste.  Jillian’s fake eyebrows rose in SURPRISE and Nona was too busy enjoyed Chef Ramsey’s creation. Nona then decided to be sneaky sneaky by throwing Trev off her trail (who was trying to cheat by watching what Nona was using in the dish) and picked up the wrong type of meat. Trev was just riding coat tails and playing it safe the entire challenge…for the love of Bobby Flay, PLEASE SEND THIS LOSER HOME! Once finished, Chef reveled the actual ingredients used and it came between Nona and Russell. Both got the ingredients right up until the last ingredient, which Nona got right. I really hate Russell’s ego, so I was thrilled that Nona “sometimes southern girl,” won.

Prize: Nona was allowed to bring one other person and she picked Russell (for strategy because taking him would keep her off his “hit list.” Dumb.) Jillian was pissed because Nona’s a girl and she’s a girl, so why would she pick a dude? She was also given Chef Ramsey’s signed (not) cookbook and pots and pans (that Russell wasn’t impressed with). They went off to the spa where they got a message (Russell was gross and tried flirting with the massue).

Punishment: Trev and Jillian had to do laundry (“yaaaaaay”) and cleaning.  Jillian and Trev bonded and decided that they, the underdogs, should take away from the “privileged.” How delusional are these people?  They all suck! But in fairytales, we are told to cheer on the underdogs. Can I cheer on Jillian, but not Trev? And can I boo Russell, but not Nona?

Dinner Service: Chef Ramsey pulled Jillian out of the punishment because he wanted to talk to her. Chef Ramsey admitted that he thought of her as an underdog and was impressed with her skills. However, he’s noticed that her “confidence” has dropped and told her to stop beating herself up and to fight back. This guy should go to battered women’s shelters and give pep talks (I’m not being sarcastic-I’m serious). He knows how to motivate people! Especially women with low self-esteem (Arrested Development reference anyone?)

Dinner service started off splendidly. Just when Chef Ramsey was cheering them on, he stopped, waved his arms like crazy and had everyone taste the risotto. After all these weeks, if they are still cooking bad risotto and RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW scallops, I don’t  know how these people can be helped. Or as Trev put it “You’re not all that and a bag of chips after all.” But he’s not either because Chef Ramsey had to actually cook the meat for him, sent him out of the kitchen and had to have a time out.  And then he did it again. So out he went again, forcing Chef Ramsey to cook the beef wellington himself. Chef Ramsey then allowed Trev to come back in…again.

However, dinner service then began to improve….right until mortal enemies Russell and Trev began to fight. Nona’s risotto was BLAAAAAAAND (I really liked that he was switching up the adjectives). And Russell tried to distract Trev from his Crème Brule by discussing elimination.

But overall, Chef Ramsey was “happy” and service was “bloody good.”

Elimination:  Nona, who was trying to staff off of Russell’s hit list, did the stupid thing and nominated Russell, as long as Trev. Russell nominated Trev (SURPRISE!) while saying how he was going to “fuck him up.” Trev was mad that Jillian “sold him out” by nominating him over the “privileged.”

Nominated: Trev (“I can’t communicate) and Russell (still can’t cook scallops).

And the eliminated contestant is… No one. Instead, he brought in family and friend members for all of the final 4 contestants. Funniest moment: when Jillian’s son asked if Chef Ramsey called her a donkey (of course he did sill!).  Everyone cried and they all, the privileged and the underdogs, lived happily ever after in Hell’s Kitchen . Until next episode that is.

Original Author: Allie Miller