December 4, 2010

SNL Recap: Robert DeNiro / Diddy Dirty Money

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Robert DeNiro may be regarded as one of Hollywood’s greatest actors having played legendary roles in The Godfather Part II, Taxi Driver, Mean Streets and The Deer Hunter, but take note that none of these films are particularly humorous.  DeNiro returns to the SNL stage for his third time and seems to lack the enthusiasm and obvious youth that past hosts this season (Hathaway, Hamm, Stone) have carried.  His eyes were noticeably glued onto the cue cards the whole night and his delivery was stony and cold.  Moreover, he played himself for most of the night.  Unlike Hathaway’s can-do attitude and sheer excitement, DeNiro carried a nonchalant attitude, as if just making the motions through an episode of a show that was too much below him.

Original Author: Jonathan Yuan