January 9, 2011

SNL Recap: Paul Rudd / Paul McCartney

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I know – by this point, it’s already been around a month after this episode originally aired on live television, but in my defense, I was knee-deep in finals week and didn’t even watch the episode until a few weeks later.  My conscience was killing me; I needed to write a review.  So, I hope that you accept my apology with this condensed review.  Trust me, if you didn’t catch this episode, you didn’t miss much.

It was definitely a night for the Paul’s.  At times, it was almost difficult to distinguish the actual host: actor Paul Rudd or musician Paul McCartney.  Paul Rudd is undoubtedly one of Hollywood’s brightest upcoming actors, who recently starred alongside Steve Carell in Dinner for Schmucks.  He proved his comedic chops with his last appearance on SNL, two seasons ago.  SNL, once again, screwed its own prospect of delivering a strong episode with a strong returning host (think the Jon Hamm, Scarlett Johannson episodes this past season) by putting Rudd in unimaginative and bland sketches.  They wasted an enthusiastic and genuinely funny host with lazy writing.

Sketches to Watch: Monologue (it’s a celebration of three Pauls! Rudd, McCartney and supporting castmember, Brittain!), Feline Culinary Creations, What’s That Name, Digital Short: Stumblin’, Julian Assange

Sketches to Miss: Obama Cold Open, Sexually Speaking, Weekend Update, Booker T. High School Field Day, Broadway Cares

You Decide: The Vogelcheks – it all depends on your personal taste on whether or not you’d like to spend five minutes of your life seeing the cast members making out with each other and the host.  Essentially, it was a giant kissing orgy.  Fred Armisen and Paul Rudd swappin’ spit … yay?

Overall Episode: C+, but the host was not to blame.

Original Author: Jonathan Yuan