January 19, 2011

Cornell’s Early Admissions Acceptance Rate Increases to 35.2 Percent

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Cornell accepted 35.2 percent of early decision applicants this year, an increase of about 2 percent over last year but a decrease from previous years. Of the 3,456 students who applied early to the University, 1,215 were accepted in mid-December, according to Interim Deputy University Spokesperson Claudia Wheatley.Last year, Cornell accepted 1,189 students under early decision from a pool of 3,594 applicants, an admittance rate of 33.1 percent. Early applications to Cornell for this year’s admissions cycle decreased for the first time since 2003. The University has not yet announced how many regular decision applications it received. That number will be released early next week, Wheatley said. Cornell accepted a larger percentage of early applicants than any of its Ivy League peers who have early admission programs.Penn accepted 26 percent of students who applied early this year. Brown and Dartmouth accepted 23 and 25 percent of early decision applicants, respectively. Yale offered admission to 14.5 percent of its early action applicants. Columbia accepted 19.6 percent of early applicants.  Harvard and Princeton ended their early admission programs in 2007.

Original Author: Michael Stratford