January 19, 2011

Fencers Compete in Brandeis Invitational Over Winter Break

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The fencing team traveled to Waltham, Mass., on Dec. 5 for an impressive performance with three wins at the Brandeis Invitational. Cornell was dominant in its victories by defeating Haverford by a score of 20-7, Brandeis, 21-6, and Boston College, 21-6. However, the Red was not able to carry this success in its matches against MIT and St. John’s during which it fell 14-13 and 20-7 respectively.

The Brandeis Invitational featured eight different schools from the Northeast. The schools include the six mentioned above along with Cornell’s Ivy League rivals Yale and Brown. The Red did not have a chance to face its Ivy rivals and competed against the other five schools. The tournament consisted of six rounds, with Cornell participating in just five of them. St. John’s finished the day 6-0 — the best record overall.

The fencing team won convincingly throughout the day, but also showed vulnerability at some times against the strong fencers from St. John’s. Still, freshman foil April Whitney was unfazed as she finished the day undefeated. In terms of scoring, freshman foil Christie McIntosh and sophomore saber Audrey Speer led the way for the Red. As a result of these performances, the foil squad was undefeated on the day.

In the first round, Cornell’s saber squad took a 6-3 advantage, with Speer leading the way by winning three times — good for three points. The epee squad followed suit by winning, 6-3, and the foil squad finished the victory against Haverford with a dominating 8-1 performance.

Round two saw Cornell continue to string more great performances together, with the foil squad coming back on again and taking a 7-2 lead. Whitney and McIntosh combined to win six times. The Red saber squad nearly went undefeated but finished 8-1 against the Brandeis team. The epee squad again finished 6-3, with freshman Jennifer Lee leading the way with three wins.

Cornell faced its toughest opponent of the day, St. John’s, in round three. The foil squad did not dominate like it did earlier in the tournament, and barely took the lead with a 5-4 score. The epee squad was not able to hold onto the lead with a 2-7 defeat, and the saber squad was scoreless, going 0-9 to hand Cornell its worst loss of the invitational.

The Red bounced back in the fourth round against MIT for the closest match on the day. The foil team once again started off with a lead, but this time by a score of 6-3. The saber squad was not able to hold onto the lead, going 2-7, with Speer accounting for the two victories.

The epee matches ended up being very close, as Cornell just managed to gain a 5-4 advantage, but this was not enough to win overall so the team lost, 13-14.

In the last round that Cornell participated in, the epee squad faced Boston College and took a slight 5-4 lead, led once again by Lee. The foil squad stretched the slight advantage into an insurmountable one by taking an 8-1 win. The saber squad finished the Red’s day at the tournament with another 8-1 performance. This win gave Cornell a winning record at the tournament, with three wins against two losses.

Original Author: Wankyu Lee