February 4, 2011

30 Rock Recap: Good Sweatshirt To You!

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Last night’s episode “¡Qué Sorpresa!” actually did result in a few surprises in the form of character development.  For instance, Liz risked professional embarrassment to ensure Avery’s promotion, and Jack learned the value of selflessness by listening to his plebeian staff.  Ultimately, these characters figured out how to make the most of these sacrifices, with Liz exploiting a fake pregnancy for sympathy from her colleagues and Jack gaining respect from his new boss.

Now that it seems the series is finished depicting the politics of the merger, 30 Rock has delved right into its new corporate marriage.  How will the Great American Executive Jack Donaghy fit in with his new superior, a man who commutes to Philadelphia on a bus equipped with a pool table?  Well for starters, Hank Cooper is no Don Geiss, and Comcast Kabletown is the polar opposite of GE, a company that barred common workers from dining with executives and hosted bachelor parties that were so intense that Jack suspects there are still “stripper bones” hidden in the building.

Ultimately, Jack, desperate for ideas, pitches Kenneth’s bizarre plan for the company to place a bar on television screens filled with ads to obscure mature content.  After Jack tries to convince Kenneth to use this opportunity for leverage, it turns out that all Kenneth really wanted was a hug.  Kenneth is truly Jack’s moral compass on the show, and Jack rights a wrong by letting Cooper know Kenneth was the “brains” behind the idea, while offering his resignation.  Of course, Cooper declines it, seeing signs of a moral pulse Jack as well as his ability to inspire talent among his less elite employees.  Is the friendly Kabletown a better fit for Donaghy?  What does this say about those corporate sharks at GE?  Did Comcast write this script?

More ridiculous than Carmen Chao covering Hurricanes …

Original Author: Scott Eidler