February 7, 2011

Gossip Girl Recap: Too Many Couples That Just Aren’t Right

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Ben’s finishes his move into the loft, adjusting to his new, prison-free life. Meanwhile, Damien tells Eric and Dan, separately, that Ben threatened him. Hmmm, trying to mess up our new fav ex-con’s life? Blair and her boss, Epperly (Caitlin Fitzgerald), plan a fancy-shmancy W. Magazine party. Seriously, does any episode not revolve around a gala of some sort? However, there’s a slight SNAFU with the location, so they ask Chuck if they may move the party to Bass Industries. He allows them to move it to the Palace. Meanwhile, C. has his own problems – he wants Raina to fall in love with him to protect his father’s legacy.

Serena brings Ben a gift, ignoring his requests to leave him alone and go about her normal life. They start to hang out more and more, something Dan is very much uncomfortable about. Jealous about your ex-girlfriend slash stepsister’s new beau, Lonely Boy? (Don’t get me started on the pseudo-incest going on in this show. I can’t. I just can’t.) Serena then confides in Blair about how Ben is so awesome, and she loves him and he’s amazing and he is … blah blah blah. Whatever! They’re annoying. Blair chalks it all up to Ben being S.’s type: damaged outside. Hmmm, a pattern maybe?

Blair has her own problems, though. She’s decided that, in order to ensure a proper evaluation, she should have Nate sleep with Epperly. Now, that’s matchmaking to the extreme. She arranges for lunch with the three of them, and then the W. party as a big hurrah. Except, Epperly is too overwhelmed with the party planning so she wants to sit this round of fiestas out. However, Blair-y-poo is far too invested in this scheme to drop it, so she puts her persuasion skills to the test and convinces Epperly to go.

And it’s party time! Cue major drama and faboosh outfits. My fav? Raina’s red dress and black necklace … except her hair looked awful.

Raina and Chuck appear at the party together. Epperly and Natie spend time at the party together. And Serena and Ben attend the party together. Ugg. Too many couples that just aren’t right.

Chuck takes Raina around, and shows her all his old haunts at the Palace. She’s so touched by how similar they were as kids, except she’s not Blair, so she really needs to go elsewhere.  Chuck and Blair are meant to be! Good thing that Papa Thorpe is there to expose Chuck’s evil plan! Apparently, he kept Raina away with some important meeting and vote in order to protect Bass Industries. Oopsies. Teehee. Raina and Chuck are then done because he fucked with her business. Good. Go to Blair.

Florence and the Machine guest star. Um … what? Is this SNL? So bizarre.

Epperly is missing. Apparently, she ran off with some British guy that she went to college with. Um, who would pass up Nate fucking Archibald? Not I, said the fly.

Damien confronts Ben at the party, and gets ready to start some major dramz. He then has Eric punch him so that they can blame it on Ben. Serena doesn’t believe them, but Dan does, and he calls Ben’s parole officer to get his creeping ass hauled off to jail. And the parole officer happily obliges! Rufus figured out that Eric and Dan and Damien framed Ben, and he steps in to talk to them.

After Ben is released the next day, Dan stops by the loft. He apologizes, and explains that he was jealous of Ben-y-poo’s relationship with S. He realized he was wrong … blah blah blah, crap crap crap … and called the parole officer to say what really happened in order to get Ben out. Ben is so happy, especially since he learns that Serena has been telling people to trust him.

Rufus confronts Eric about his part in the shenanzzz, and he divulges that he had felt out of place. And apparently, Damien understood him and was there for him. Aww. Poor E.

Raina shows up at C.’s place and tells him that she’s giving him a second chance because Blair intervened and explained some shit. Ugg. Stop giving C. randos and get him and Blair together! This is infuriating.

Epperly quits W. to run off to Bali with the British guy from the party. Good example to set there! And she gives B. her job!

Nate and Dan, feeling guilty, go and tell Damien’s dad that he’s been dealing. Oh no! Poor little rich boy will be held accountable and forced to own up to his shit! Mwuhahahaha. Daddy’s gonna cut him off financially.

Ben and Serena kiss. Um, I really can’t decide how I feel about this. Thoughts? I’m torn between being annoyed and thinking it’s cute. Like S. is beautiful and all, and the story is kind of cute, but it’s really annoying because he’s so rando, and just like 2 and a half seconds ago, he had wanted to screw her life up – he wanted to get her expelled from Columbia!? Idk my bff jill?

Original Author: Alyssa Leventhal