February 12, 2011

30 Rock Recap: 9,000 Girl Scout Badges

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The episode went heavy with the theme “double-edged sword,” integrating it into almost all of the main character’s storylines.  Although the show made its point, that success in any form can ultimately prove troublesome, the resulting plot bordered on the ridiculousness, which is often the case with this series.

Still, the three storylines made for compelling and suspenseful entertainment.  If I were told that among the following three scenes – giving an impassioned speech about fighting poverty, driving a mobile crystal meth lab, and being held at gunpoint – it would be Tracy involved only in the former, I think I would have made the same look Jack gave the meth dealer when he heard he attended law school.  Of course, Jack and Avery drove the van, with Harold (John Cho) from Harold & Kumar as the Canadian former law school student turned meth dealer, Lorne.  And Tracy tried to put his Oscar to good use by meeting with Chuck Schumer (“I can’t watch that guy eat”), and Liz was held up at gunpoint by Carol, from a gun stolen by the most poorly disguised Air Marshal (His introduction to Liz: “I’m a businessman. I’m not an Air Marshall”).

Hopefully, this is the end of Liz’ relationship with Carol.  Although it was easy for them to relate, the show should realistically throw her out of her comfort zone once again.  The show never committed itself to why these two were a good couple, like they did with Jack and Avery, and even Jack and Nancy Donovan last season.  Liz deserves a nice How I Met Your Mother romance, and it’s not through her relationship Carol.More absurd than the name of Carol’s airline, Airbike:

·         When did Tracy win an Emmy, Grammy, and a Tony?  They wrapped up that EGOT storyline too quickly.

·         Jack, “I never sleep on flights, I’m afraid I’ll get incepted.”

·         Tracy needs a saddle to ride a whale at Sea World.

·         Tracy recognizes Steven Spielberg as “Kate Capshaw’s husband.”

·         Tracy hires a Native American to accept his Oscar, like Marlon Brando once did to protest their treatment, except he needs her speak on his behalf while he is busy eating a pop tart.

·         Tracy, “Why are you putting me in a suit, I still haven’t memorized my Torah passage.”

·         Avery, to the Canadian bellhop, “Your pavilion at Epcot doesn’t even have its own ride.”

·         The rich old white ladies at the poverty luncheon have no idea what Tracy is saying, they just notice his teary, emotional speech and applaud.

·         Carol calls his passengers: “the herds of walking mozzarella sticks.”

·         Jack took out his AMEX invisible card.

·         “A big government duel loser?”  Avery is most afraid that her daughter will lose in a duel to a man named Aaron.

·         The best is the lyrics, most likely sung by Tina Fey, to the theme song for the failed NBC sitcom, Gals on the Town: “Love and friendship and having it all! Maybe just a great pair of shoes, one of them has to be Asian, can they be good at their jobs?”  Of course, it stars Teri Polo, Aisha Tyler, and Lindsay Price.

·         Carol cautions that passengers could be killed if they opened their potato chips at sea level.

·         Liz, “If I can’t poop in the street, then why should my tax dollars pay for someone else to.”

·         Pete, “Ever hear of the Peter Principle?”

o   Tracy, “Yes, just now!”

·         Tracy thinks Al Sharpton doesn’t have an office because he always holds press conferences on the street.

·         Avery, “Quit, I’ve never quit anything in my life.  I’m still in girl scouts, I have 9,000 badges.”

o   And her response of shock (“WE? WE?”) when Jack says, “We had the baby.’’

·         On TGS, they produced a sketch with Austin Powers on Crossfire.  Still not as funny as “Juliette Lewis Hosts Meet The Press,” from Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip.

·         Guest start John Cho was subtly hilarious

o   His name was Lorne and he played Canadian, like Executive Producer Lorne Michaels.

o   “I know, I’m a stereotype, all guys from Quebec are good at Karate.”

Original Author: Scott Eidler