February 12, 2011

The Biggest Loser Recap: Chocolate for Your Valentine

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Week six starts right where week 5 left off, beginning with Ali and the Ranch Team in the elimination room before Larialmy has even left campus.  The Unknowns join them so Ali can announce that the Ranch and the Unknowns are now becoming the Red and the Black teams, with Ranch as black and the Unknowns as red.  There is no time wasted because as soon as the teams put on their respective colors, they are led to a temptation challenge.

Temptation Challenge: Power of Love? Or Love of Power?

Both teams walk into a Valentine’s Day decorated room, complete with hearts, pink and of course, delicious chocolate.  The tables are covered with every type of chocolate that usually comes inside a red heart-shaped candy box on Feb. 14.

Challenge #1:

Each person gets three minutes alone inside the room, and whoever eats the most chocolate gets the power to possibly change the game.  The power is the option to trade two players on their team for two players on the other team, or keep the teams the same.  The winner of the temptation is kept a secret, so no one knows who did it, or at least, that’s how it was supposed to be (hint, hint).

Sarah, Jennifer and Hannah are the first three to go, and although some of them get pretty close to eating, all of them resist.  Q. goes next, eating four chocolates, not because he specifically wants power, but because they taste good.  (They looked good too.  I was craving chocolate pretty bad as I watched this.)

Rulon, the former Olympic champion, and Marci, former member of Aqua Team, eat five and 10 chocolates.  Moses eats 21 pieces, which would seem to be the winning number, but no.  Arthur, still the heaviest man at the Ranch, stuffs himself with chocolate, eating 35 pieces, because he doesn’t want someone else determining his fate.  I lost my appetite for chocolate watching him eat all that in just three minutes as he used “food-eating competition techniques.”  But he is the winner, and decides to switch two members, which Ali anonymously announces to everyone else.  Immediately, everyone reacts angrily.  Even Arthur swears that he’s angry, but then hides a smirk.

Arthur decided to switch Jay and Jennifer from the Black Team with Deni and Sarah from the Red.  Jay and Jennifer are the Black Team’s strongest members, so naturally, everyone thinks that someone from the Red Team made this choice.  But they aren’t speculating for long; Arthur soon confesses and explains his decision.  He says that he is loyal to certain members of his team, and he doesn’t trust Jay and Jennifer, so he wants to protect the black team, including his dad, by making “sacrificial lambs” out of Deni and Sarah.  This just makes everyone else angrier.  Jennifer goes off on Arthur, saying that he can play the game, but only for so long, and his lack of commitment to actually losing weight shows on the scale.  My prediction is Arthur is going to be kicked off as soon as the Black Team loses.

The worst part about Arthur’s decision, which is pointed out to him later by Jillian, is that if Arthur had just left the teams alone, he would have been protected by his team.  All of them know that he needs to stay on the Ranch for as long as possible, and would have tried to keep him there.  Not anymore, though.

The gym is pretty intense now that the Red and Black teams are sharing it.  It’s obvious Brett and Cara are trying to prove that they are just as good as Bob and Jillian, but they think the best way to show this is by working out to “demonstrate” the workout.  A considerable amount of the Red Team’s workout is spent standing and watching Brett and Cara break a sweat.

The Black Team finds this all pretty funny, especially when Jillian says, “they’re scared of me,” and Cara gives a very scared look to the camera.  However, each team still thinks their workout is the best.  Justin, formerly a member of the Yellow Team, is pretty arrogant about his Red Team workout, saying that it is revolutionary, and the Black Team can’t think beyond their treadmills.  But the new additions to the Black Team, Reni and Sarah, say that Bob’s workout is the hardest one they’ve done yet.

Challenge #2:

The teams must complete an obstacle course with five different sections: endurance, speed, agility, knowledge and strength.  Each team choses two people to complete each section.  However, following Biggest Loser patterns, there is a twist.  The tasks for each category do not actually use the skills that are named.

The winners of the challenge get to watch videos from home.

The Black Team takes and holds onto a lead as the Red Team can’t count calories.  The Black Team gets to view videos from home for Valentine’s Day, which really makes you realize how much the contestants are actually sacrificing to change their lives.  Deni missed her own daughter’s wedding to be on the Biggest Loser.

This Week’s Weigh-in:

The Red Team goes first this week, and everyone loses weight in the double digits, except for Q., who loses seven pounds, and Kaylee, who loses five pounds.  However, being the only contestant under 200 pounds, five pounds a week for Kaylee isn’t bad.  Moses also breaks the record for the shortest number of weeks to lose 100 pounds; he lost the weight in just six weeks.

Now, it’s the Black Team’s turn.  They need to have lost 77 pounds to beat the Red Team’s percentage of weight-loss total.  Deni and Sarah, who were thought to be the weak ones on the team, pull big numbers, losing 19 pounds together.  Arthur only loses nine pounds, which is low for a man of his size.  Olivia is third-last to go, losing 16 pounds to bring the Black Team in the lead and give their team immunity.

Therefore, the Red Team now has to eliminate another player for the second week in a row. Everyone votes for Q. and he is quickly sent home.  However, there are no ill-feelings, as everyone says they still love him, but his low weight-loss for this week just wasn’t enough.

I wish Q. had been eliminated last week, and Larialmy had stayed because she probably would still be there.  Even though Q. says that one extra week did help him, two or three weeks for Larialmy might have done more.

Next Week on The Biggest Loser, only one team will get to use the gym for the entire week! Who will it be?

Original Author: Andrea Sielicki