February 20, 2011

Presentation of Preliminary Bridge Barrier Designs Still Not Released by Cornell, Ithaca

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Despite University assurances, the preliminary bridge barrier designs submitted to City of Ithaca officials on Feb. 7 are still not available to the public.

The University said a video of the Feb. 7 presentation and a slideshow of the designs would be posted to Cornell’s website during the week of Feb. 14. As of late Sunday night, however, no further information regarding the presentation to the City of Ithaca/Cornell University Means Restriction Committee had been made available.

Claudia Wheatley, director of Cornell press relations, said the presentation by Nader Tehrani, the lead architect for the means restriction project, is still not available because the University lacks sufficient video staff.

“We have an awful lot of video we upload to the website at all times, and we don’t have a whole lot of people to compress the files,” Wheatley said. “We usually have a lot of backlog.”

University Architect Gilbert Delgado said he was unsure whether the presentation by Tehrani to the committee, which includes University and city officials, was open to the public; city council members were also unsure.

Pre-schematics for the bridge barriers were initially scheduled to be released in January. On Feb. 7, Delgado told The Sun that the pre-schematics’ release had been delayed to March due to the closure of Office dA, the architectural firm initially contracted by Cornell for the barriers’ design. Although Tehrani, formerly of Office dA, will remain the project’s lead architect, he will do so through his new firm, NADAAA.

According to the University’s website, NADAAA will present the project’s pre-schematic design to the Cornell community in February.

Original Author: Jeff Stein