February 28, 2011

For Executive Vice President of the Student Assembly…

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The position of executive vice president of the Student Assembly is varied. A strong E.V.P. is a candidate with a comprehensive knowledge of the Assembly’s inner workings, an ability to reconcile dissolute opinions and the leadership skills to help implement his or her own vision for the S.A.’s role on campus. The bulk of the executive vice president’s work comes in handling the day-to-day function of the Assembly, as well as working closely with the President to enact policy and ensure that the right message is delivered to the broader S.A.

Adam Gitlin ’13 embodies all the traits of a capable E.V.P., and will be an ideal leader of the Assembly for the coming year.

As Vice President of Internal Operations, Gitlin has spent the past year learning about each aspect of the Assembly, and has shown an impressive head for organization and bridging gaps. His accomplishments this year, whether bringing Google Docs into the S.A. as an organizational tool or spearheading the creation of the Public Service Committee, have made clear that Gitlin will bring initiative and vision to the position. On campus, he has established himself as a strong speaker on behalf of the student voice, and has demonstrated no reservations in standing up to a rigid administration.

Gitlin’s platform emphasizes mental health and reducing bureaucracy, while still remaining open to salient issues and topics that may be brought up by the myriad groups vying for S.A. attention. He also brings innovative ideas to the position, including a well-constructed plan to bring a “study group” system to the West Campus residence halls. To force the plan closer to action, he is adamant about engaging in constant dialogue with West Campus Councils and Gannett Health Center, speaking on behalf of students for a program that would unequivocally help the overall campus. Additionally, his focus on reducing bureaucracy and consolidating issues and committees is crucial to an Assembly where the “Big Red Tape” is a constant barrier to progress.

Ben Gitlin, Adam Gitlin’s brother, is a Sun News Editor. He played no role in interviewing candidates for this position, deciding this endorsement or writing this editorial.