March 10, 2011

A Villainously Slow Week

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See all that snow outside? That’s about all there has been to talk about this week, so we’ll start there.

Ithaca’s weather has been quite VILLAINOUS, but do not fear: Cornell’s HEROIC snowplows have been hard at work. In a HEROIC move, the University did give us a half snow-day on Monday, but the muddy slush that’s surrounded campus has been VILLAINOUS.

Beyond the snow, the faculty senate tried to be HEROIC in approving a proposal to advise professors not to assign work over academic breaks, but do not expect that to stop VILLAINOUS faculty members from assigning it in the first place.

New York State has been a real VILLAIN as of late, cutting funding to the University’s statutory colleges and cooperative extension program. We hope that Governor Cuomo can redeem himself before his term is over and become a HERO.

If you do want to see a real HERO, look no further than Mazin Kadhim, a 24-year-old Iraqi refugee who came to speak at Cornell earlier this week.

The Student Assembly Finance Commission ignited some controversy this week, claiming to be a HERO but accused of being a VILLAIN when it comes to doling out the dollars We’re really on the edge of our seats waiting to see how this gets resolved.

News might be slow, but spring break couldn’t come faster. So buckle down this last week through some VILLAINOUS prelims and be the HERO of your beach party.