March 15, 2011

Off The Grid: Freshmen Edition

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Stephen Reisert ’14

Men’s Soccer

Chappaqua, NY

Harry Harpham ’14

Men’s Swimming

Sugarland, TX

Eric Malumed ’14

Men’s Heavyweight Rowing

Villanova, PA

1.     Best thing about being a freshman

Eric: 3 Years Left of College


Harry: Not being in high school

2. Worst thing about being a freshman

Eric: Parking Tickets

Stephen: Doing my own laundry

Harry: Not knowing what’s going on half the time

3. Cornellian I most want to be like …

Eric: Brock Lee

Stephen: Dimitar Nentchev

Harry: Andy Bernard

4. Best Charlie Sheen quote:

Eric: “I have tiger blood … Dying is for fools”

Stephen: I’ve got tiger blood man!

Harry: “I am solo. I invented solo. There was like, two guys in a plane and one of them jumped out and said, ‘It’s Charlie Sheen, it’s called ‘Solo.’”

5. Funkiest food I actually really like …

Eric: Sluggles

Stephen: Raw Oysters

Harry: Just plain bread. I’ll eat whole loaves if you let me…

6. Movie you couldn’t pay me to re-watch …

Eric: Click

Stephen: The Human Centipede

Harry: Transformers 2

7. ______ should have a reality show.

Eric: Steve Lezynski and Chase Crimmen

Stephen: Wiz Khalifa

Harry: My dad — he’s English and says the funniest things sometimes

8. I love it when …

Eric: you do that stuff to me (“Dirty Talk” lyrics)

Stephen: I think Mandible’s takes BRB’s

Harry: We have snow days!

Original Author: Chyanne Eyde