March 16, 2011

Enter the Moth: 31′ tniuQ ixeL interviews Lexi Quint ’13

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The night was cool and still. I had the pleasure of interviewing Lexi Quint ’13, a second year urban planning student, to uncover some of the mysteries surrounding Mothra, the controversial new mascot of the urban planners. I’m sure most people have seen these haughty black shirts with glowing spray paint stencils that read “Mothra Attacks!” I became interested in the project after Googling Mothra on the Internet. How did this ancient symbol, associated with some of history’s most tragic events, end up on t-shirts representing City and Regional Planning? I tracked down Lexi and we spoke one evening on the roof of Olin. He sat, surrounded by darkness, with an unlit cigar in the corner of his mouth and a glass of orange juice in his hand.

Original Author: Tniuq Ixel