March 27, 2011

KVETCH: Spring Break Withdrawal Edition

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With wonderful memories (or lack thereof) from Spring Break 2011, we’re back in Ithaca, the weather is as spiteful as ever and we, the editors and columnists of The Sun, are mad as hell. That means we get to KVETCH!

ILR Junkie

Inappropriately applied federal laws ruin even the best Spring Break.

— M.M.L.

Sk8er Boi Wannabe

Neversoft: I know this is late coming, but the Minneapolis level in the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater game sucks. The only good ramps are on roofs that take way too much time to get to, and the malevolent taxi drivers always hit you just as you’re finishing a sweet combo. There’s no way you didn’t immediately realize how much that level blows. I demand reparations.

— J.M.R.

Bare it All

I feel like at this point the comments hating on Ithaca weather are implied. Instead I’ll focus on how amazing it is to chill in clothing optional SoBe and how miserable it is to walk around in five layers up here. Ladies: be brave and show some skin so I can regain my sanity in this hell hole.

— E.R.

Sick Weather

All I did was look at the Ithaca weather forecast and I immediately caught a cold.

— C.B..

Over Ice

I LOVE scraping Ithaca’s idea of spring-like weather off of my car after spring break …

— L.C.B.


I had a professor completely disregard that faculty senate resolution and assign a paper that was actually due over break.  Chalk one up for ineffective campus governing bodies.

— E.S.M.


Why is this the worst NCAA tournament since I started following the NCAA tournament. A three, four,  eight and 11 seed in the final four, what is going on here? A eight and 11 seed!?!? For starters, this years  tourney  took all the excitement out of the bracket. For most of us, our bracket was busted by the Sweet Sixteen –– that means just needing to sit and watch the games for the sake of sitting and watching the games.   Trust me, no one likes watching UNC and Kansas blow out Marquette and Richmond, respectively, with nothing on the line. Second of all, is it just me, or does VCU vs. Butler sound like one of the least appealing Final Four match-ups since I can remember. I don’t care  how improbable a run it is for these two programs, a number 11 vs. a number eight seed in the Final Four  doesn’t  really pique my interest.  Don’t get me wrong, I love upsets and cinderella stories as much as anyone, but this late in the tourney, I want to see the best play the best, and not two teams that wouldn’t make it back to the Final Four again once in 10 more tries.

— B.D.G.