April 5, 2011

Off the Grid with the Golf Team

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Sun staff writer Chyanne Eyde goes off the grid with the golf team.Dan Bosse


Round Hill, VA

Matt Jaye


Pebble Beach, CA

Tim Murphy


Fairfield, CT

Larry Heymont


Los Angeles, CA

1. I can’t stand it when girls ­­­________

Dan: feign an interest in sports.

Matt: no, girls are perfect.

Tim: ask questions in class.

Larry: hit the golf ball farther than I do.

2. My late-night go to …

Dan: Froot Loops.

Matt: You want her name?

Tim: Budweiser and Charlie Sheen motivational recordings

Larry: Chi Phi’s esteemed balcony and the Chapter House

3.  I would name my racehorse _________

Dan: Patrick Ewing.

Matt: Chaulky

Tim: Midnight Rambler. Larry: “Seacrest Out”

4. I wish ­­­_________ wasn’t so taboo.

Dan: judging people

Matt: Box Wine

Tim: dancing on tables at JO’s

Larry: Ring-Pops, Jean Jackets, and Shape-Ups

5. I can’t believe ________ is dating _______ ­ Dan: Marcy Wheeler, Zack Bosse

Matt: Vin Diesel, a dude

Tim: Tiger, a 22 year old.

Larry: Matt Kemp, Rihanna. Safest answer.

6. Club I always meant to join on campus …

Dan: Cornell University’s Handsome Men’s Club.

Matt: Is Sprint Football a club sport?


Larry: Steel Panther

7. People think I’m ____________ because I play golf.

Dan: a meathead

Matt: Sub-Par

Tim: Matt Jaye’s friend

Larry: of Herculean strength and agility

8.  Cornell has made me _________

Dan: just smart enough to get into trouble.

Matt: Love George Bush.

Tim: a defensive driver.

Larry: strongly dislike Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, and Aeropostale clothing.

9.  When the weather gets warm I’m going to …

Dan: have Ithaca in my rear-view mirror.

Matt: Black out?

Tim: make sure Larry wears sunscreen.

Larry: Unfortunately, most likely remain as pale as I currently am.

Original Author: Chyanne Eyde