April 19, 2011

Off the Grid: Men’s Soccer

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Sun Staff Writer Chyanne Eyde goes off the grid with the men’s soccer team.Jake Rinow



Lancaster, NY

Chase Aaronson



Palm Springs, CA

Aaron Oder



Winston-Salem, NC

1. I would have liked to __­­______ this weekend.

Jake: not procrastinate

Chase: shred the gnar gnar (surf)

Aaron: dougie

2. I’d like to eliminate ________ please.

Jake: classes before 10 am

Chase: “Crime in Gotham City”

Aaron: haters

3. When I’m bored I …

Jake: go to Nasties

Chase: pretend I’m the Godfather

Aaron: pick my outfit for the next day

4. Kobe Bryant should …

Jake: play soccer

Chase: stop calling me to hang out. No means no

Aaron: run for president

5. The best thing about the soccer team is:

Jake: my awesome teammates

Chase: team showers

Aaron: Jake’s helicopter

6. I can’t get through a day without …

Jake: study breaks with Aaron Oder

Chase: looking at myself in the mirror

Aaron: missing my mommy

7. My most prized possession is …

Jake: my friends

Chase: my hair

Aaron: my beard

8. Cornell is so great at …

Jake: sunny weather

Chase: being way sweeter than Princeton

Aaron: concerts

Original Author: Chyanne Eyde