April 21, 2011

More Students Than Normal Caught With Marijuana on 4/20

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The Cornell Police De­partment reported four instances of unlawful possession of marijuana Apr. 20, three of which were located in dorms on North Campus.

Although there were more possessions reported than on an average day, CUPD Chief Kathy Zoner said that “there is no indication by our reports that the date had anything to do with them.”

According to the Cornell Police daily crime log, there was an average of one count of marijuana possession every two days over the past two weeks.

Zoner said that on Apr. 20, 2010, there were no reported counts of unlawful possession of marijuana, because such incidents tend to “ebb and flow.”

In preparation for 4/20, the CUPD had a “heightened awareness” of potential marijuana possessions, but there were no special actions taken, Zoner said.

Students affiliated with Cornell who are found to be in possession of marijuana on campus are typically referred to a judicial administrator and required to appear in court, Zoner said.

One student, to whom The Sun granted anonymity, was referred to the Ithaca City Court after the CUPD found him to be in unlawful possession of marijuana in his dorm room in Mary Donlon Hall.

This student said he found the police to be “cool” when they knocked on his door, though he said that handing over his vaporizer to the CUPD was “like a crying mother handing over her newborn.”

“[The officer] kept asking me why it took me so long to answer questions, even though I think it was pretty obvious,” he said. “I was too high to even think, or talk, for that matter. Thanks, weed brownie.”

Original Author: Liz Camuti