May 1, 2011

Anthony Gallucci Runs for Mayor of Ithaca as Member of People’s Emancipation Party

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Despite long odds, local activist and Ithaca College graduate Anthony Gallucci is running for Mayor of Ithaca under the newly-founded independent People’s Emancipation Party.The PEP’s platform will be released to the local community in the next month, Gallucci said, adding that the party aims to be the voice of disenfranchised Americans.“We want the immediate abolishment of the economic exploitation of our communities by wealthy Capitalists (i.e. Golden Sax Bailout scheme & College town Consolidation),” Gallucci states on his website. “WE deserve a bailout. Not just a cash bail out … we want, need and deserve our nation to use what is left of the ‘bail out’ money to destroy our exploitive labor structure and empower our people to participate in owning our lives in equity.”Gallucci stressed that he hopes to diversify local government in Ithaca.“If you come to a council meeting, you will see that there is an underrepresentation … The voice of those could bring the change Ithaca and America needs,” Gallucci said.The independent candidate stressed that he wants to abolish homelessness in Ithaca.As mayor, Galluci said he would work with the 10-step plan mapped out by the Human Services Coalition of Tompkins County, as well as successful implementations from other cities, to combat homelessness in Ithaca.Elan Shapiro, who worked with Gallucci on the Northside/Southside Mini-Grant council, praised the new candidate.

Original Author: Tajwar Mazhar