May 4, 2011

Alex Bores ’13 Elected Student Trustee

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Alex Bores ’13 was elected student trustee in last week’s elections, the Office of University Assemblies announced Thursday. Bores defeated five other candidates with 55 percent of the 4,174 student ballots entered. He will serve on the Board of Trustees in a two-year term.

“I’m just ecstatic. It was a great campaign,” Bores said. “I really appreciate the support that I’ve gotten from Cornell, and I hope I can live up to it.”

Bores said he plans to push the board to add another student candidate.

“I really want to push for the extra seat on the Board of Trustees that I campaigned on. I’ll hopefully be talking with [incoming chair Robert Harrison ’76] and the rest of the trustees as soon as possible on that so we can hopefully get it in place for next year,” Bores said.

In his campaign, Bores criticized the University administration for a lack of transparency.

“This year, the administration has handed down a string of unilateral decisions after the fact … Announcing major decisions after they are final without consulting students is no way to run a school,” Bores stated on his campaign website. “Under my term, it will stop.”

George Hornedo ’13, Bores’ campaign manager who said he was involved in “every aspect of the campaign,” added that he was “really happy to hear the news.”

Original Author: Manuel Davila-Molina