September 20, 2011

B.o.B. Manager Reimburses Level B for Unpaid Bill

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The Goose chase, it appears, has finally come to an end.

On Tuesday, three days after rapper B.o.B. and his entourage of 12 people neglected to pay their $1,060 tab at Level B, the artist’s manager offered $2,000 to the Collegetown bar. Saturday’s previously unpaid bill included three bottles of $300 Grey Goose Vodka and $160 in gratuity.

“I just want to make it right by Level B, and I want the people of Cornell to know that we’re a class act,” said Brian Richardson, B.o.B.’s manager.

Richardson stressed that B.o.B. — who performed in Barton Hall on Saturday — was not personally aware the bill was unpaid. On Tuesday, however, B.o.B. tweeted “There’s 2 sides to every story.”

Level B owner Brad Weiss ’03 said he would accept only $1,060, which would cover the tab and the gratuity for B.o.B.’s server, Andrew Vipond ’07. Weiss added that, although he believes B.o.B. and his manager were in the wrong, he appreciated the payment.

“They were really apologetic,” Weiss said. “High marks to these guys.”

The Sun reported on Tuesday that B.o.B. and the people he was with allegedly refused to pay their bill at Level B. Several national media outlets — including Rolling Stone and the gossip blog Gawker — picked up the story on Tuesday.

Weiss said Richardson, B.o.B.’s manager, “seemed very concerned about all the bad publicity and more upset fans” after their conversation on Tuesday.

“This shows the pen must be mightier than the sword,” he said. “I had no idea how quickly it would be affected. It was really amazing.”

Original Author: Jeff Stein