September 29, 2011

Pop Band Passion Pit Will Play Barton Hall

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Passion Pit, the electro-pop party staple, will play at Barton Hall on Nov. 5, according to anonymous sources with knowledge of the decision.

Passion Pit gained critical acclaim in 2008 with the release of “Sleepyhead,” a single off of their first E.P., Chunk of Change.

Released in 2009, the band’s subsequent album, Manners, confirmed their arrival in the mainstream music conscience.

Passion Pit’s synthesized melodies and high pitched, affected vocals have made hits like “The Reeling,” “Sleepyhead” and “To Kingdom Come” instinctive choices for party playlists. The group — led by lead vocalist Michael Angelakos — plays a type of music that appeals to both the dirty dancer and the congenial, easy-going listener.

“They are fun, catchy and easy to dance to,” Alex Klimoski ’12 said. “[Passion Pit] reminds me a lot of summer — it’s really summery music.”

CCC has already brought B.o.B. and White Panda to perform on campus this semester, and will bring Janelle Monae this Sunday.

Passion Pit’s music has appeared throughout pop-culture: on an episode of Ugly Betty, Gossip Girl, in Rhapsody’s commercial for its iPhone application and on the Billboard’s Alternative Songs Chart. That the band’s music is contagious and fun is undoubtable, the band’s fans say.

But Passion Pit’s success has not come without negative criticism.

Some critics say that the group has aimed to achieve popular appeal instead of developing an innovative style. Although conceding that Chunk of Change was “infectious,” a Pitchfork review called Passion Pit’s 2008 album “populist,” noting that the band used its synthesizers for “maximum melodic impact” rather than “texture.”

Cornell also has its fair share of Passion Pit cynics.

“It would be a great concert to go to if you like hanging out with 12 year old girls and 40-year-old men,” Jon Eckhaus ’12 said.

Still, many students seem eager to flock to Passion Pit and drown out any doubters.

Sid Beaty ’12, for instance, was so excited that she could barely formulate her words coherently.

“Yay!” she exclaimed.

Original Author: Joey Anderson