October 19, 2011

Ten Questions with Jared Karson

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1. Jared, you are the junior captain of the Cornell men’s tennis team. What has tennis meant to you over the course of your college career?Tennis is a huge part of my Cornell experience. It was a huge part of my decision to come to Cornell. I came and met with the team and loved everybody. Basically, tennis has been the most unbelievable experience that I’ve had at Cornell thus far. I have formed some incredible relationships and bonds with my teammates. Those are the guys I spend the most time with. I see everyone four hours a day, travel to tournaments with them and everything. It provides me with a schedule, too. I definitely wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.Who is your favorite teammate?Obviously I love all the older guys, but I am going to have to go with a freshman. My favorite teammate is Daniel Quoc, I’d say. He’s a skinny Asian and he is the funniest kid you will ever meet in the entire world. All he does is make fun of me and make fun of my funny mannerisms. But he is too funny and he is actually really, really good at tennis, too. 2. What would you say to the allegation that you only like blonde Jewish girls?I would say that is definitely my type. I mean, my only real girlfriend was a blonde Jewish girl, obviously. I definitely tend to gravitate toward those.Have you been successful in sticking to this type?I definitely stick to blondes generally, though I do make some exceptions. Blonde Jewish girls are not very common — at least not real blonde Jewish girls. A lot of them put a lot of money into their hair products. I’m confident that I will find the perfect one for me though.Tell us about your recent proposal to your friend Karen.It wasn’t really that recent. We actually met while walking to Rosh Hashanah services freshman year and, from that moment, I knew we would eventually be together.Even though she is not blonde?It’s OK. She is my favorite. I can deal with it.

3. Please tell us about Liv Nightclub in Miami. I know you are a big fan.I mean, that’s my spot. Every time I’m home, I have to make an appearance. It just happens to be the highest-grossing and best nightclub in the world. That being said, my friends and I back home basically run it there. I mean, we walk in through the back, see the best DJs and best performers and get full service. It’s the life.But you are not actually from Miami, right?I mean, technically I’m from Miami Beach, so my friends think it is very funny to say I live 45 minutes away from actual Miami. If you consider where my friend David Feldman lives (which is their point of reference), then, yeah, that’s true. But I would consider him not living in Miami. 4. Several of your friends have noted that your hair resembles a toupee. Can you comment on that?(Laughing) I mean, I think I am definitely going to need a hair transplant of some sort by the time I’m older. But right now I think they are exaggerating. I just have a high hairline. I don’t think it has receded too much.Tell us about the time you got the Supercuts haircut called “The Mitch.”It was senior year and I was home sleeping all day because I was a little bit sick, and I decided I needed a haircut. So the guy showed me the little Supercuts brochure with all the models. They have “The Mitch” and “The Tom” — you know, all these models with classic model haircuts. He asked me which one I wanted and the guy with “The Mitch” was a good-looking guy with a great haircut, so I was like, “I’ll take ‘The Mitch.’” He did it up with gel and everything and it looked great. It was one of those classic haircuts — really short on the sides and spiked up in the middle. Then I went to school the next day and I didn’t do it up the way he did with gel and everything, and I looked like a complete idiot with really long hair in the middle and the sides so short.Would you consider yourself good-looking?The best looking. Next question.Is it true that you were featured in Cornell’s Kitsch Magazine as a hot engineer?It’s definitely true. That was actually my second time doing modeling. It was a great experience. I got some good exposure.When was the first time?The first time was when I was in this fashion show modeling. My outfit was actually like a rocker outfit. So I had to wear eyeliner (by the way, it doesn’t come off for like four days.) My hair was spiked in a Mohawk. It looked great though. 5. A fairly-widely accepted rule of social dress code states that white pants should not be worn after Labor Day. Do you believe in this rule?In the Northeast, yes. However, in Miami, you can wear white pants whenever you want. So I feel like that rule applies to me.But since you are from 45 minutes outside of Miami —From Miami Beach. I’ve been known to break out the white pants after Labor Day sometimes.Describe a typical Jared Karson outfit.My typical outfit varies from season to season and based on my plans. When it is warm out, J-Crew shorts with a V-neck and either Converses or Sperries are my go-to. When I am going out to a club or something, I usually go with skinny jeans, a trendy button-down and nice Converses or loafers. I have been known to break out a scarf or vest from time to time also. When it is cold outside, I generally go with skinny jeans, fashion boots, some type of shirt and a jacket. I also almost always wear my watch and Chai necklace (Jewish letter that means life).Is it true that you don’t wear jeans more than once between wash cycles?At home, that is true, but here, it is a little harder to get to the laundry. But I definitely wear jeans a lot less between wash cycles than the normal person.Is it true that you carry Purell with you at all times?Yeah, that is definitely true. I’d say I’m probably cleaner than your average person. 6. Tell us about your “usual table” at the Terrace.So classic. Back right table. That is a table everyone sees. You’ll find a lot of SAE bros there throughout the day, basically every day during lunch time for about two or three hours. I actually try to get there before the lunch rush to hold the spot for everyone.Is anyone else allowed to sit there or is it a very strict group?Occasionally, we’ll have an outsider in the group — maybe a tennis guy here or there — but it’s generally just SAE bros.Speaking of the Terrace, what is your go-to lunch there?I get the same thing from every time I go there. I sometimes go to Mac’s too, but from Terrace, I get a pita with lots of hummus, dry chicken — What does “dry chicken” mean?Well no one wants soaking wet chicken spilling all over their hands and all over the table when they eat it. So I ask them to make sure they dry it off. And then feta.

7. You live your life by the motto of “doing things when it’s the right time.” Can you comment on that?That’s definitely true. You know, I’ll buy food or candy (sour patch kids to be specific), and then save it for when it’s the time. I don’t want to eat something when it’s not the time or do something when it’s not the time.Can you give us an example?Well, I bought a Cowtail from Nasties at the beginning of second semester of freshman year. I left it in my desk drawer all semester. I debated eating it a few times, but decided it wasn’t the time. Then I packed all my stuff and it was in my backpack on my way home after finals. I decided that it was now “the time.” I sent my friend David a picture of it with the caption, “Now’s the time.” I took a bite … It was horrible. It had gone bad. I should have eaten it sooner. 8. Do you have any nicknames?One nickname I have is Pierre. My friend Zach Shelberg gave me that nickname first because of Pierre Garcon (the Colts wide receiver) and then it kind of stuck because my friends considered my fashion habits and my neat freak habits to be somewhat French-like. And I guess the nickname stuck from there.What about Lizard Boy?Lizard Boy? That’s kind of a funny story. In sixth grade, I had never made out with a girl before. I had a girlfriend — we had been dating for about three weeks — and we were at this party playing truth or dare. Our friends dared us to make out and I was like, “OK.” So we started making out and I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, so I just did what I thought you do when you make out. Everyone was watching us, counting down the twenty seconds we were supposed to be doing this for. And then afterwards, she was telling her friends all about my technique and for the rest of sixth grade, all of her friends called me “Lizard Boy.” 9. Is it true that you lived in an apartment with no lights this summer?OK, that was just for the first three weeks.Three weeks? Jared, that’s a long time.What kind of dorm room has no central lights?! Not even a desk light. Literally no lights.What did you do at night when it was totally dark?I mean, I didn’t come home until very late anyway. I would just go on my computer, watch a movie and go to bed. It is kind of weird, actually. My mom would not have been too happy with me. 10. Which other Cornell team do you like to hang out with the most?Definitely the women’s track team. I love squash, too. Women’s squash is great.Are there a lot of women that fit your type on those teams?On track, there are not a lot of Jewish girls, but a lot of blonde girls. And squash is just always very fun.

Original Author: Katie Schubauer