October 30, 2011

Odd/Even Parking Regulations Go Into Effect in City on Tuesday

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To facilitate the removal of snow and debris from city streets, the City of Ithaca will put its Odd/Even Parking Regulation into effect beginning Nov. 1.Between 2 and 6 a.m., drivers are prohibited from parking on the odd-numbered side of city streets on odd-numbered days and on the even-numbered side of city streets on even-numbered days, a press release stated.The Odd/Even Parking Regulation remains in effect even if a street does not have a 24 hour parking sign and only allows parking on one side of the street; residents must move their cars to after streets on off evenings, according to the press release.When parking for the evening, drivers are advised to park on the even-numbered side of the street on even-numbered days so they comply with the regulation overnight. Additionally, residents are cautioned about “instances when the 31st of the month changes to the 1st of the month as both are odd-numbered days.”The regulation will continue until Apr. 1, 2012. Drivers violating the rules will be issued tickets.Residents must also continue following the City’s year-round, 24-hour parking restriction, which mandates that residents move their vehicles every 24 hours from Monday to Friday. If a resident fails to move a vehicle for 72 hours, the vehicle may be considered abandoned property and will be towed at the driver’s expense.“Your compliance with this regulation ensures that the city streets are kept free from accumulated snow and debris, and that parking spaces remain available to residents, commuters and visitors,” the press release stated.According to the City of Ithaca’s website, the City Clerk’s Office has a list of streets that are exempt from the Odd/Even regulation.People with questions about the parking regulations are asked to contact the City Chamberlain’s office at (607) 274-6580.

Original Author: Akane Otani