November 6, 2011

Streakers’ Sprint Stopped Short

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Two streaks came to an end at Cornell’s sprint football game Friday.

As the team upended a three-game losing streak, two students dashed naked across Schoellkopf Field during halftime in the team’s game against Mansfield University of Pennsylvania. As the streakers ran, Cornell police chased them out of the stadium and captured them.

According to a report from the Cornell University Police Department, the “two male subjects were observed running across the football field, naked with a tube sock.”

The first subject —who refused to be identified — was captured at the stadium, while the second subject “made his escape” from the stadium and entered the parking garage on Hoy Road before being stopped, according to police.

One subject was arrested for indecent exposure. Police could not disclose further information Sunday afternoon because they had not yet completed a report for the incident.

Jessica Pultz ’12, one student who was at the game, wrote in an email that the streakers suddenly sprinted onto the field during halftime.

“I was sitting with my friends and we saw two kids start running naked across the field with socks covering their ( ) … One of the boys’ socks fell off and he picked it up laughing and covered himself up,” she wrote.

Soon after, two police officers sprinted after the students, chasing them off the field, Pultz stated.

“One of them started chasing [the streaker] who ran off the field first … Then the other kid ran after the cop and [the streaker,] and the second officer followed [them],” she wrote. “I think most of the crowd just thought it was ridiculous but pretty funny. I was sitting in the front row so I didn’t see anyone that was totally offended.”

Another student who attended the game, Shannon Frank ’12, said, “Everyone loved it … even the grandparents.”

The team — which was off the field in the locker rooms during halftime — missed the action, but players said the streakers have been a “tradition” at the games over the years.

“A few kids did it last year as well … It’s part of the crazy antics of going to the sprint football game,” said Ramond King ’12, a tight end on the team.

Frank said that one of the students also streaked at a game last year.

“I hope it stays a tradition,” she said.

Original Author: Akane Otani