November 21, 2011

Keeping You Busy…

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If you’re reading this, it means you’re probably still in Ithaca, counting down the hours until break starts. It means you probably don’t have anything better to do. Or you do, and you’re just not doing it. Whatever your reason, I thank you for reading this, my last column of the semester and — since I’ll be abroad next semester — my last column for a long time. Since I won’t be writing next semester, I thought I’d just list some Artsy things you should all do at Cornell while I’m gone (in no particular order):

1. Go watch a movie at Cornell Cinema.  Always a good, low-key way to spend the evening, infinitely cheaper than going to a movie anywhere else and a great chance to see some indie or foreign films you won’t find at more conventional theaters. Or, have one of your friends with access to Baker set up a projector and have your own private showing with friends.

2. See a movie on Libe Slope. Not the greatest acoustics, but the atmosphere makes up for it. Make sure to bring blankets and snacks. The closest you can get to a drive-in movie in college.

3. “Borrow” music from DC++ and blast it while you study. Start singing along. Abandon studying.

4. Grab a cup of coffee at the Green Dragon. Watch the sleepy architects walk in and out. Talk about artsy things.

5. Attend a Risley figure drawing session. A bit awkward at first, but definitely a great way to hone your draftsmanship.

6. Catch a play at Risley Theater. Probably one of the most underrated experiences at Cornell. Affordable tickets, an intimate and low-key environment and top quality performances by fellow students.

7. Catch a play at the Schwartz. Slightly more upscale and has some terrific shows.

8. Go see an exhibit at the Johnson. I’d recommend one of the temporary exhibits, but the permanent collections are great as well.

9. Go to After Hours at the Johnson. A great way to hear some student poetry and see some student performances.

10. Go to an arch sing. All the groups are great, and it’s a great study break.

11. Climb the 161 steps to see a Chimes Concert. Not only is the view fantastic, but it’s cool to see the Chimes Masters at work.

12. Pre-game Slope Day so hard that the music actually sounds good. Enough said.

13. Go see a show at The State Theatre. The Cornell concerts are great too, but venturing out downtown will give you a broader music scene to appreciate.

14. Take pictures of the gorgeous gorges and lakes. Especially during the summer.

15. Sculpt a snow penis on the Arts Quad. Then stop being so artsy and take part in the yearly Snowball War, even if the cops break it up.

16. Go hear live music in the Commons. See the townies in action.

17. Take a creative writing class. Get in touch with your inner poet.

18. Submit a piece of writing to either Rainy Day, Ink Magazine or Kitsch.

19. Go hear a famous Cornell alum writer speak. My personal favorite was Margaret Atwood, who spoke last semester.

20. And lastly, read something from The Sun’s Arts & Entertainment section.

Thanks to anyone who happened to read one of my columns over the past year and a half. Whether you agreed with me or sent me nasty emails, I appreciated your taking the time to read what I had to say. Have a good Thanksgiving, and I hope it’s greener on the other side.

Original Author: Emily Greenberg