February 8, 2012

Foodie in the Frat

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Rush week has come and passed, and Cornell’s Greeks are returning to ordinary life. Unfortunately for foodies now in frats, this also means that the days of Appel lunches and Mongo Grill dinners are over. Last Wednesday — the day has been dubbed “Judgment Day” — pledges were forced to switch meal plans. On Feb. 1 some of us lost our freedom … our freedom to walk 10 steps and enjoy the best delicacies of Cornell Dining.

The switch from a first-year to a house meal plan is a huge adjustment. You should have seen me during the last few days before the switch. I visited a dining hall every chance I got, taking nostalgic walks through Okenshields and Appel. I used to have 14 wonderful meals per week spread among the all-you-can-eat establishments, and now I’m reduced to having 10 a semester. Since the switch, I have become a fervent supporter of Big Red Bucks. We BRB users are so revered on campus that I have even heard girls whisper about dating guys for their large amounts of available dining dollars.

The single greatest benefit to eating primarily at the frat house, however, is sharing meals with housemates. Getting to know your brothers when they are momentarily free from all commitments, besides chewing, is priceless. Having a great cook helps too. I’ve had salmon and sweet potatoes, flank steak and the classic grilled cheese and tomato soup combo all within the past week. I already can’t live without our chef’s bagged lunches and fully stocked Chobani fridge. Even the personal financial burden has decreased: The combined price of my BRBs and the meal plan is still less than the Bear Traditional plan sponsored by Cornell. More Trillium burritos, great frat food and some bro bonding for a cheaper price: What could be better than that?

Original Author: A.J. Nickas