February 20, 2012

Two Robberies Reported on West Campus Monday Night

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Two people were robbed at knife-point on West Campus Monday night, according to a report from the Cornell Police. Although the victims gave different descriptions of the height and attire of their alleged assailant, both incidents occurred at “about 9:58 p.m.” and within 550 yards of each other.

In both reports, the suspect was a white male, demanded the victim’s wallet and displayed a knife. Additionally, the first robber was reported to have fled toward the Ithaca City Cemetery — a block from where the second robbery was reported.

Still, the first robbery was reportedly committed by a 5’10” man in a “gray hoodie,” while the second robbery was committed by a 6’4” male with a “black coat and a rag on his head,” according to reports made to police.

The Ithaca Police Department is investigating the reported robberies. A preliminary search by police Monday did not locate the suspects.

Witnesses said the area was swarming with police shortly after the reported incidents.

Original Author: Jeff Stein