March 6, 2012

Class Strife in Badlands

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Piotr Chizinski MFA ’13 is on the right career track. His exhibition, titled Badlands of Modernity-Levittown, showcased at Milstein Hall Saturday and proved to be a pleasant experience at first glance. Like true art, it opens a window into the profound. Badlands looks like a blown up architectural model of a town — Levittown, Pennsylvania, to be precise. The viewer has a bird’s eye view of a cul-de-sac and rows upon rows of little white paper houses. The miniatures were all designed by Chizinski himself, laser-cut and assembled with the help of fellow AAP graduate and undergraduate students. The collective process took about 220 hours. It is pleasing to the eyes, but one must delve beyond aesthetics to discern the true artistic purpose.

Original Author: Katherine Carreno