March 7, 2012

OVERHEARD: Cucumbers, Squirrels and Puppies (!)

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Pain in the Nose

Girl: “I’m just afraid a cucumber is gonna come out of my nose.”

Friend: “What???”

Girl: “I’ve had a whole hot dog and cucumbers come out of my nose! The worst is when it is stuck between the nasal cavity and your throat. It is SO painful.”


Game Boys

Gamer: “I have all these fucking games, and no time to play them all.”

Friend: “I know, so sad.”


Get Squirrelly

Silly Freshman: “If I train a squirrel, would you let it pick up my package? Like if you had paw print scanners that were linked to my Cornell ID?”

-Appel Service Center

Infinite Space?

“I can fit anything into my mouth. Any number, any size… anything!”


What did you just say?

Math Professor: “The column space is a lonely boy because no one will touch him.”

-Olin Hall

Puppy Love


Passerby: “Shit, I forgot my hand sanitizer. Oh well…”

-Ho Plaza

Got Instagram?

Pre-vet: “I want this dog no one has ever heard of.”

Friend: “You’re SUCH a hipster veterinarian…”

-Baker Lab

Theresa Condosta is a sophomore in the College of Engineering. She can be reached at [email protected] Overheard appears Thursdays.

Original Author: Mary Theresa Condosta