March 12, 2012

INTERNATIONAL EATING: Top Restaurants for Spring Break

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Dear fellow Cornellians buried in books and living in libraries: We finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Spring break is a few days away, and at last we can enjoy the beautiful sunshine instead of staring at it through the window.

And we all know that your spring break trip would not be complete without amazing food. Let me take you for some fine dining at some hot vacation spots:

PUERTO RICO – DragonflyA taste of Asia in the Caribbean? Simply “wow,” Dragonfly is an exotic Asian-Latino fusion restaurant that will make your vacation unforgettable. Its uniqueness of its decor, the creativity of the menu, the tastiness of the cuisine, and the excellent quality of service will leave you with a lingering experience.

As you walk in the door, you will find yourself in a dimmed room resembling an avant-garde Buddhist temple with diamond-shaped red lanterns, Buddha statues and servers who look like kung fu artists. The menu is a feast for the imagination with items like Peking Duck Nachos and Red Lotus Martini. With an exotic but calming ambiance, Dragonfly is the perfect place for a small but adventurous dinner with your close friends or significant other. You will find yourself squeaking in excitement at every item that the server brings you.

Recommended Items: Peking Duck Nachos, Tropical Threesome Roll (sushi), Red Lotus MartiniMIAMI – Joe’s Stone CrabAfter a day of sunbathing at Miami Beach, a taste of delicious stone crabs and lobsters would bring your day to a perfect end. You cannot leave Miami Beach without dining at Joe’s Stone Crab: This is where you experience its true history and culture. Joe’s is about 100 years old and has been through the entire history of Miami Beach: There is even a book about its history titled Eat at Joe’s.

The menu has a large variety of seafood: Other than its famous stone crabs and lobsters, your mouth will water over the Sesame-Seared Yellow Fin Tuna or Mustard-glazed Seabass. Since Joe’s is such a famous restaurant, waiting time can be very long. So be sure to make a reservation and enjoy a taste of the sea!

Recommended Items – Maine Lobster, Stone Crabs (obviously), Creamed Spinach, Joe’s Original Homemade Key Lime Pie

NEW YORK CITY – MorimotoIn the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, dining at the famous Morimoto Restaurant will make your food fantasies come true. The famous Iron Chef Morimoto never fails to make taste buds dance and hearts quiver with anticipation. The chic-modern space and with Morimoto’s mind-blowing menu concepts brings you on a futuristic adventure.

Recommended Items – House-Smoked Salmon Ravioli, Duck Duck Duck (foie gras croissant, roast duck, and soft duck egg with red miso sauce), Strawberry Pistachio CheesecakeSAN FRANCISCO – La TaqueriaIf you are on the sunny side of the country, you must enjoy a heavenly taste of Mexico at La Taqueria in San Francisco. Enjoy a true fiesta with a combination of its vibrant ambiance, vivid decor, and their sensational burritos. Their Burrito with Carnitas will melt in your mouth, and their Taco with Carne Asada will take you to downtown Mexico. Their quality and taste of food are unbelievable for the low price.

The restaurant itself is a hot attraction that keeps you coming back and bringing your friends: the Mission District is famous for its burritos. When you return to Ithaca, the sight of burritos at Trillium or Mexeo will make you sigh and long for La Taqueria.

Recommended Items – Taco with Carne Asada, Super Burrito with Carnitas, Strawberry Agua Fresca

Original Author: Yilin Zhang