March 13, 2012

OFF THE GRID: Questions for the Women’s Lacrosse Captains

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This week’s Off the Grid features the four captains of the women’s lacrosse team: Cacki Helmer, Shannon McHugh, Jessi Steinberg and Katie Kirk.

I never leave the house without my:

Cacki: Right now, the Hunger Games series. I’ll read in class if I have to.

Shannon: Lucky necklace.

Jessi: Personalized Dunkin Donuts card.

Katie: Chocolate. I’m addicted and you never know when you’ll get hungry.

I could listen to ____ all day long and not get tired of it.

Cacki: “Call Me Maybe”…but seriously.

Shannon: “Take a Back Road” by Rodney Atkins.

Jessi: Justin Bieber.

Katie: Chicken Fried (Zac Brown Band).

Halle Berry’s engagement ring is:

Cacki: I googled…apparently it’s “mystical”.

Shannon: I had to google to see what it looked like.

Jessi: Nice I guess.

Katie: Green.

This 60-degree weather makes me:

Cacki: Want to play lax…duh.

Shannon: LAX.

Jessi: Tan/happy — unbeatable combo.

Katie: Act like a loopy two-year-old who just woke up from a nap — dazed and confused.

Favorite place in Collegetown:

Cacki: Souvlaki. Peter, you da bomb!

Shannon: All the good places have shut down.

Jessi: 410 Elmwood trampoline — come one, come all.

Katie: Sitting on the 215 College porch swing.

I’m most excited for Spring Break because:

Cacki: We’re going to beat Notre Dame on St. Patrick’s Day… That’s gonna hurt.

Shannon: I get to have a pinnie tan and a goggle tan.

Jessi: Disney is a place where all your dreams come true

Katie: We get to go to Disney World…sorta. We’ll actually just play lacrosse really close to it.

Most unusual food I like:

Cacki: Fruit leather. I ate it a lot when I was younger and I recently rediscovered my love for it, so my kitchen’s always stocked.

Shannon: Extra extra honey in my yogurt.

Jessi: Tofu.

Katie: Chocolate goes with almost anything.

My March Madness bracket is:

Cacki: CUSE!

Shannon: CUSE all the way!!!

Jessi: Nonexistent.

Katie: Georgetown winning…I’m from Maryland, so I’ll be happy if UNC, Duke, or Syracuse doesn’t win (sorry Quey and Cack).

Original Author: Reena Gilani