March 14, 2012

OVERHEARD: Ithacation, Pre-Med, and Solution Manuals

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-”60 degrees my ass. I didn’t get the memo about this damn rain!”

-”Just look out the window…”

-Hollister Hall

I Work Out

-”I just can’t do this anymore…”

-”Do what, are you okay???”


-Baker Lab Stairs


(While playing with hair.)

-”If I were a cat, I’d love this shit.”


Smell the Roses

-”Weed smells like skunk.”

-”No it doesnt, it smells like floral skunks!”

-Thurston Bridge

Lin Love

-”Your whole lineage is lesbians. They just want your puss.”



-“Screw Pre-Med. I just want to move to Costa-Rica and live with the sloths.”


Fight for It

-”Where did you find the solution’s manual?”

-”I stole it from the teeth of the professor.”

-Thurston Hall

Mary Theresa Condosta is a sophomore in the College of Engineering. She can be reached at [email protected]. Overheard appears Thursdays.

Original Author: Mary Theresa Condosta