March 26, 2012

HIGHBROW/LOWBROW: Best of YouTube This Week

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This is pretty sweet. Dergin Tokmak contracted polio when he was just one year old and lost control of his left leg and some of his right leg. The guy learned to walk on his hands.  He is currently the only German artist in Cirque du Soleil’s upcoming show, Varekai.

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Completely unnecessary and necessary at the same time. Feel free to pretend to be your favorite Mad Men character or even James Bond.


Remember when you were a little kid and you got your favorite toy at McDonald’s or any other fast food place (for those of you who didn’t have Happy Meals as children, I’m deeply sorry)? This is it for these kids. I don’t know if anyone else will ever be so excited about a talking Spongebob ever again.

Disclaimer: Make sure your volume isn’t all the way up for this one.

This video also reminds me of this lovely gem:

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