March 28, 2012

21 (More) Answers With the Women’s Hockey Team

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Sun Staff Photographer Tina Chou traveled with the women’s hockey team to the Frozen Four and back.  On the bus ride there, she put down her camera (but not really) and asked them all some questions.

“How did you choose your jersey number?”

Erin Barley-Maloney, Senior Forward (#22)

It’s a family number. Um … let’s see, both of my parents had 22, um … I think my uncle had it, he played basketball. Um … Another one of uncles had it, my mom has a lot of brothers, um … And then after I chose it my little cousin had it. So, it’s just a family number.

Jessica Campbell, Sophomore Forward (#8)

I wear number 8 and it has a lot of meaning behind it. It’s a family number and I wear it in memory of my brother. He was playing hockey as well and he was 18 years old and he passed away in a car accident nine years ago. So, it’s something I wear for him and every time I step on the ice it’s a way to not only represent myself and our family but him and play in memory of him and it’s just a good way for me to go out and enjoy every game and be able to play for something greater than myself so … You know, they always say you’re playing for the logo on the front of your jersey and that’s the most important thing but I never forget what’s on the back. It’s something I know he’s proud of and he’s always up there watching me and excited for me so … it’s definitely a number that I cherish and wear with honor.

Olivia Cook, Sophomore Forward (#6)

Well, I used to be 66 and they stopped having that so they added me and then I started wearing 6 and then … Just like, Coach sent out an email after I had committed and he asked if there was any particular number and he gave a list and I was like, “oh number 6” and he’s like, “yea, is that what you want?” and I was like, “oh my god, this is sweet, like I get my number!” but yeah.

Hayleigh Cudmore, Sophomore Defenseman (#24)

Um… well, I only wore 24 growing up a couple years but I had to wear 92 in junior because it was the only number left over and I really didn’t like it at all so um … My dad wore 24, but he’s not really a great hockey player but … He wore it so I just chose it when I came to college.

Laura Fortino, Junior Defenseman (#77)

Okay, well since I was little I was raised in a family that was [full of] really hardcore Boston Bruins fans and my dad’s favorite player was Ray Bourque and he obviously wears number 77 and I grew up watching him and he was my favorite defenseman so all of my brothers and I wore that number growing up and I was fortunate enough to come to Cornell and Coach Derraugh gave me that number and I’m, you know, very, very happy about that and I was excited.

Emily Fulton, Freshman Forward (#17)

I wore 7 my whole life and then I came here and it was gone so I had worn 17 a few times with Team Ontario so I picked that and… It’s not too big of a deal to me what number I wear. But then Coach Derraugh told me he wore number 17 and that I would have big shoes to fill and then I started second-guessing picking that number but yeah, I don’t mind it.

Alyssa Gagliardi, Sophomore Defenseman (#2)

I’ve been number 2 since like 9th grade in high school and I had it for four years in high school and then I came here and it was open so I kept it. I like it. [laughs]

Xandra Hompe, Junior Forward (#9)

When I was younger, Mia Hamm was number 9 so I chose it for soccer and then I think I was like 17 for hockey because of my birthday? And when I came here 9 was open so I usually just choose one of those two numbers.

Brianne Jenner, Sophomore Forward (#11)

I chose it because I was a big Saku Koivu fan growing up and he is my favorite player and also I like the way it looks on a jersey. It’s symmetrical.

Rebecca Johnston, Senior Forward (#16)

I’ve always been number 16 ever since I was little so I just grew up with that number and wanted to stick with it when I got here.

Chelsea Karpenko, Senior Forward (#26)

Before I came to Cornell, I’d worn 16 my whole life. My whole family wore it, it’s a big family number, um … But then Rebecca Johnston was 16 when I got here so … I went with 26 ‘cause I thought it was probably the next closest thing and I like the double digits and… Yeah now I’m 26 and I like it. So… That’s that.

Monika Leck, Freshman Forward (#27)

My number? Well, I let the other freshmen pick their numbers before me ‘cause I didn’t have any valid number that I wanted to take but the one that was left over was my birthday so I just took that one. That was really it. I used to wear number 6 but that was already taken.

Amanda Mazzotta, Senior Goaltender (#29)

I always wanted to be 29 and the teams that I played for always had like 1 or 30 um … So, I finally got the chance to take 29 so I took it. [pause] Oh, I like Fleury too and Ken Dryden I guess but I just had always liked 29.

Kendice Ogilvie, Senior Forward (#4)

I chose my number because my freshman year I was number 7 and … I didn’t really like number 7, it was kind of just one of the last numbers that was left so I was like “Okay yeah, I’ll take number 7” but then one of the girls in my class ended up quitting and number 4 became available. And I snatched it before the freshmen got it. Yeah.

Katelyn Pippy, Freshman Goaltender (#34)

When I was like, seven [years old], there was this kid I knew who was like nine and he was a goalie and I had a big crush on him so I, uh, swiped his number [laughs]. And when you’re that little [laughs] … you’re that little you have a number and it just kind of becomes your number and I just liked it, I liked Dominik Hasek, uh … So growing up it kinda just became my number and I just stuck with it like the next year, because it was it the year before that, and it kinda stayed with me.

Lauriane Rougeau, Junior Defenseman (#7)

Coming in as a freshman I wanted number 4 and Coach [Derraugh] told me that an upperclassman took it, Kendice Ogilvie, and, of course, because 4 is Bobby Orr and everything but after that I decided to go with number 7, lucky seven, and it’s a good defensive number and I liked it and… Yeah I took it.

Jillian Saulnier, Freshman Forward (#19)

I don’t know, I used to actually play soccer and that’s my soccer number and my cousin played in the Q and I always kinda look up to him so … It was my first number when I made the national team the first time so I just kind of fell in love with it.

Lauren Slebodnick, Sophomore Goaltender (#30)

My number? Well, when I started playing goalie when I was younger, I guess the only goalie numbers were like 1 and 30 and maybe 35 or something or … it was usually just like 1 and 30 and … I hated the number 1 so I was just always number 30. So then I just kinda kept the number in high school and then coming here, I guess I had like a choice to switch it but I was like, “yeah, why not, I’ll just keep it as 30.” I’m like not really attached to numbers like some people are so it didn’t really matter that much to me so, it’s just that. [laughs]

Catherine White, Senior Forward (#20)

Well, first and foremost, I’ve always been 19. When I was a freshman Hayley Hughes had 19 so that was out of the question and 20 was close to 19 and my brother always wore number 2 and 2 plus 0 is 2 so… it kind of grew on me, I like 20 better than 19 now.

Amanda Young, Senior Defenseman (#13)

Oh, I actually wanted to be number 12 ‘cause I had always been that number but Kelly McGinty was number 12 so I couldn’t be it, um … I remember Coach Dani [Bilodeau], I was on the phone with her, and she said, “well, 13 is available but nobody ever wants that,” and I was like “Oh, I’ll take that” and my dad used to be number 13 when he played so that was why I chose that one.

“Why did you pick Cornell?”

Erin Barley-Maloney, Senior Forward

Um … I went to hockey camps here growing up and that was back when Carol Mullins was coaching and I … kind of formed a relationship with her and some of the other coaches at the camp and I just loved it. And I kind of said, I want to go to Cornell when I get older, and then going through the whole college process … Um, it actually wasn’t my first choice but it ended up just kinda feeling right so I just really liked it. Uh… Had the right program and it just felt right.

Jessica Campbell, Sophomore Forward

There were a lot of deciding factors for me but most of it was just getting the double benefits of having the Ivy League education with a great hockey opportunity as well. There aren’t … I guess I’m biased, but a lot of programs don’t offer the same athletic program that we do in the Ivy League so Cornell was a great balance for both of those. And the coaches were amazing, they definitely showed that they were capable of developing every player individually and as a team as well. So for me, I love the team, I love the girls. Just the first time here I just fell in love with everything and I knew it was meant to be and I felt like I belonged here so I definitely … It was a pretty quick decision for me so I knew Cornell was going to be the place for me.

Olivia Cook, Sophomore Forward

Well … My aunt graduated from the law school so I was here when I was younger for her graduation. And I thought it was pretty cool, it was like huge when I came here then. So then Cornell’s always been like “Hey, go to Cornell”… But actually it was totally my decision and my family supported anywhere I went. But I came on the visit here and the first time I came it was like the hottest day ever and then I came for my official and it was like … The blizzard … The biggest blizzard of the year actually. But I didn’t know any of the girls on the team but I immediately felt like it was a really good team vibe going on and I really loved the school. I loved how much you could walk to class [laughs] and I loved the atmosphere of Cornell.

Hayleigh Cudmore, Sophomore Defenseman

When I was choosing schools and then I realized I could go to an Ivy League school then I was like, okay then I want to go Ivy since it’s a good opportunity and … I wanted the chance to win a national championship … so … we’re on our way to the Frozen Four…

Laura Fortino, Junior Defenseman

For me, it was … a bit of a long process choosing which school I wanted but Cornell stood out to me the most. First of all, because, you know, you look at it: such a great education, an Ivy League education, and the hockey program here is great. Especially led by the coaching staff, they’re just so knowledgeable about the game and I knew that coming here I’d grow as a player and a person. And that’s, you know, what I was looking for.

Emily Fulton, Freshman Forward

When I came here to visit, I got to hang out with the team and being with them felt really comfortable so I knew it was a great place to come to and I like how it’s just built on a hill all by itself and it’s kind of almost on it’s own. And everything that came with it and the team’s great and the coaches are great too. So I love that.

Alyssa Gagliardi, Sophomore Defenseman

It just felt right, like the school and the hockey. And I actually hadn’t even met any of the players when I visited but I just knew it was a place I’d like and so I kinda hoped for the best, took a leap of faith a bit but, yeah I’m glad I chose it.

Xandra Hompe, Junior Forward

Um, ‘cause I thought I would be able to play soccer and hockey and because it was Division I, I thought it would be a good challenge to take on so …

Brianne Jenner, Sophomore Forward

Um … well many reasons. Academics, obviously it’s really well-known for that, um … The program, the coach, um … And then I think just coming on campus and meeting the girls and seeing what it’s like day-to-day, and I knew I wanted to go here.

Rebecca Johnston, Senior Forward

My sister played here so I was kind of familiar with the school and, so basically I came for that and I also wanted to go to the Ivy League … and I also heard Coach Derraugh was a really good coach.

Chelsea Karpenko, Senior Forward

Well, I had the opportunity to go Ivy League because I had good enough grades to kind of do that so I wanted to kind of take advantage of that and I guess Cornell, they’ve got a really good business program and I knew I was very interested in studying business so that played a huge role and just being able to have that um … Elite combination of academics and athletics was really appealing.

Monika Leck, Freshman Forward

Um, I don’t know, I looked at a lot of schools and couldn’t make up my mind for a long time and then I came here and then he [Coach Doug] was talking about how Cornell has like an ice cream and like a diary thing so I was like oh this is so cool and then he said that for nutrition, you got to make your own flavor at the end of the year but I don’t think I can like go through all the chemistry classes and picking an ice cream flavor isn’t really worth it at this point so I might switch. [laughter] Still not sure, but yeah.

Amanda Mazzotta, Senior Goaltender

I was deciding between Cornell and Princeton and Cornell was a lot closer to home, which was really important at the time … But … It had a major that I really liked and Princeton didn’t really have any majors that really stood out for me and I liked the coaching staff and the team and … Just kinda got the right feel so… I decided to come here.

Kendice Ogilvie, Senior Forward

I came to Cornell because I wanted to help the program get better hockey-wise and they had a really good program for school. Like I came here for pre-vet initially and they have one of the best vet programs in like the whole country, so I thought that was like kick-ass. Yeah. [laughs] And the hockey side was really important for me too. I thought the coaches were awesome, the girls when I came on my official visit were amazing, I had a really good time and it just felt right when I came on my official visit.

Katelyn Pippy, Freshman Goaltender

Um… Same as everyone else. I mean, I had the opportunity to go Ivy and I was wondering about going to college at all or, I mean, I wanted to but I didn’t know if I was going to go to like a performing arts college or something but I love hockey and I had the opportunity to play hockey in college … And I figured if I was doing that I might as well be doing it somewhere that had a great education too, like an Ivy League school. And then I came to visit and our seniors right now were sophomores and I got to stay with some of them during the trip and I just really loved them and loved the whole entire team and the atmosphere, and the coaching staff and everything here.

Lauriane Rougeau, Junior Defenseman

I decided to come to Cornell because of the campus, it’s gorgeous, Ithaca is gorgeous of course, it was really beautiful and when I visited I really liked the team atmosphere. I knew a couple of the players, like the seniors right now, and I blended well with the team and the coaches are unbelievable. Coach would do anything for you. He would go to practice in the morning, even though it’s at 6:00 and he’s always available if you need help to do video or work on something so … Yeah, basically that’s why I wanted to come here.

Jillian Saulnier, Freshman Forward

I fell in love with the team and I know people usually say you’re not supposed to commit somewhere because of the people that go there but, I mean, I just felt like I really clicked with everyone and gelled. And I mean, the coaching staff, great group of people there, and yeah, good school. I mean, Ivy League school, you can’t lose and it’s a great environment.

Lauren Slebodnick, Sophomore Goaltender

I mean, I guess like growing up, I always wanted to play D1 and then when it got close to college-season time and I realized that I had the chance to go Ivy I was like, well why not, like best of both worlds, like I’m not gonna go to the NHL or anything so might as well get a good education and I mean, hockey will help me get in so … Yeah I guess just… The school, the hockey program, um, I love the coaches and I feel like everyone else says they knew the girls and they thought they would like the program but to be honest I didn’t know a single person coming in here so [laughs] I guess it was just like the school and the coaches.

Catherine White, Senior Forward

Because not only is it really really good academically… I mean, obviously the time when I chose to come here our team wasn’t really that good but… to me I saw a lot of potential, a lot of growth, you know, and we had good players that we were coming here, we had good players that were already a class ahead of me and I really believed what the coaching staff had in mind.

Amanda Young, Senior Defenseman

Well, everyone says that on your recruit trip you’ll know … Um, you visit a few schools and you’ll just know when you get to that school, that’s the one you’re gonna go to and to be honest, I like still had no idea when I had visited all the schools I went to and I think it was just the fact that, um, Coach [Derraugh] when he was recruiting me, he drove all the way to Alberta from New York or wherever he was out east to have dinner with my family and he drove back and, so that showed a lot of commitment to me. So, I think that was the deciding factor.

Original Author: Tina Chou