April 1, 2012

Baby, Mother Saved As Car Began to Sink

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A woman and her 21-month-old child were rescued by members of the Ithaca Fire Department after their car crashed through a fence and was submerged in a pond Thursday evening, according to a report from the Ithaca Police Department.IPD arrived on the scene to find the 1998 Nissan Pathfinder submerged in water up to the windows, according to the police report. Water rescue personnel from the IFD then broke through the sunroof of the vehicle and removed the woman and child from the vehicle.According to the report, the car landed in a pond behind the Cedar Creek Apartments on the 300 block of Floral Avenue, five yards away from the pond’s shore. Personnel from the IPD, IFD and Bangs Ambulance responded to the call at about 8:10 p.m.Prior to their arrival, another person attempted to save the woman and her child by breaking the car’s windows with a hammer, the report stated. However, due to concerns that the action could cause further flooding and endanger the passengers, an officer and police supervisor removed the individual from the pond.The two were transported to the Cayuga Medical Center for evaluation. No injuries were reported as of Thursday evening.

Original Author: Kaitlyn Kwan